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January 24, 2019

Frozen Sand – ‘Fractals: A Shadow out of Lights’ review

Italians are pretty addicted by progressive metal things, and Frozen Sand is one among those who would like to leave the track in the musical history as one one such bands.

Frozen Sand plays progressive metal which you’ll be listening with frozen mood because music is interesting and contains many catching moments.

Eight tracks, more than 40 minutes of professional performance. Musicians haven’t looked for easy path and they’ve created very good album. ‘Fractals: A Shadow out of Lights’ sounds like Frozen Sand is some old experienced band, with mature musicians and huge fans base. Because music is not just progressive but very complex, very well played and recorded. I won’t say their music is something outstanding, but enough professional. I like how musicians used their instruments, all played on top level, and the main thing – all played sure.

Albums contains different tempos and moods just like it should be when it comes to progressive metal. So you’ll be pleased by both fast and slow parts, sometimes by both make and female vocals (both vocals are good as well and combined with the music they way it sounds as one whole thing). Many tempo-changes, guitar solos, some acoustic parts and etc. The whole songs structure comes with both classical and modern tunes.

Musicians seems to be expired by bands like Dream Theater with some modern bands. Very nice that Italy have such amount of good bands and Frozen Sand!