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January 24, 2019

Crossbones – ‘WWIII’ review

What do you know about Albania? I know nothing, absolutely… So once I got this promo from Grand Sounds and seen word Albania in press-release I was veeery surprised! Thus Crossbones drove me to check something about Albania, hehe!

Well, Albania is just a country but Crossbones is metal act out of there and since we are musical outlet we must write about music, right? So, next thing which surprised me was Crossbones’ “birth date”, the band was formed back in 1996!!! Shit, twenty one year old band and I did never heard of them! Ok, let’s skip this thing as well.

Crossbones plays some kind of modern metal, such massive mixture between groove, heavy and just metal, sometimes sounds really catching and sometimes too typical, but in any case their music is enough good to be heard by wide audience.

We have ten massive songs, the each song sounds not like a copy of previous one and that make me happy, because I do not like one-type music when musicians just copying their own music. So here are various tempo-changes, various moods and so on. Made with mid tempos mainly, sometimes changed into faster and slower parts.

The record quality is enough good also, guitars sounds catching and shredding, thus I see musicians put enough of their soul and money to record ‘WIII’.

Very good album for all the fans who like groovy metal tunes!