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January 24, 2019

Starbynary – ‘Divina Commedia Inferno’ review

Starbynary – ‘Divina Commedia Inferno’
Revalve records / Grand Sounds promotion
Style: Power/Progressive metal
Release date: 03 February 2017

Starbynary is Italian metal band, recently released new album via Revalve records.

Once I read band title for the first time I got an impression that I’ll hear some kind of ultra complex cosmic metal, hehe! Because I separated two words of title – 1) Star – stars, 2) Binary – bynary code… But I haven’t heard something similar =)

Starbynary plays some kind of power metal, based on progressive metal scturcure, music is really complex, enough melodic and catching at the same time what is very good sign.

All we know that Italy known thanks power metal, so Starbynary is just one of Italian power metal bands who make decent music.

The entire album sounds very interesting but only if you will listen to it not like background but if you’ll completely relax and sink deep into your thoughts. It’s enough melodic, enough progressive. The album contains kinds of slow and fast parts, some guitar parts are just incredible. Clean vocals are enough professional also. Plus I must to tell you about really awesome parts when rhythm guitar thresholds are crossing together with solo guitars and keys, sounds impressive!

I’m unable to tell you which of songs I like most of all because I like the entire album, and I’ll listen to it quite often when I’ll need to close within my thoughts.

Professional yet good music for all the fans into progressive tunes, based on power metal. Must have for attention and support.

Written by Audrew.