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December 13, 2018

Interview Sleepwalker

Hi! Give a brief history of Sleepwalker, music style, and if this is one-man project still.

History very simple and typical. In free time from the main projects always wrote music, for video games, cinema. The instrumental genre is very close to me, Sleepwalker one of this form. Base of music it’s guitar in experiments with guitar pedals and sound effects. Sleepwalker mixture from guitar drone, ambient, black metal music. And this is one man project, but I have guest musicians and in future for live shows maybe will be play not like a one man project.

Give in more detail, some information about your latest split album with FEN and how well it sells?

This is split very interesting work for me, because FEN very professional band with their own sound and ideology. Split conceptual work not divided parts of Sleepwalker and Fen. My part of split is a instrumental part, Fen work in their style. I think amazing result.

Sleepwalker has signed with Ksenza records, tell more about that?

Ksenza records and Infinite Fog records official distributor for main part releases for Ksenza records. It’s two very good labels, with interesting releases.Infinite fog  label with big catalogue and top bands in roster, check their page Infinitefog.ru  Ksenza records this is my friends and iam help them with some mastering for their releases.Iam to know them long time. For me this is the best example of collaboration between musician and label, they do for artist full worj from promotion to release (artwork, studio sessions, mix/mastering and etc.) Dreams come true) with this labels.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records? I’m asking because I did never heard something from you before got promo stuff recently.

I have only 7” 2 tracks first version of tracks from split. I have only this split with FEN and now working on a new full length.

What inspires Sleepwalker music writing?

I spend on the way, travel much time. And from this travels I have many field recording from mountains, forests, this is my main inspiration. New places and sound, atmosphere of this places.

Have you ever played live with your project?

Yes, two times. Architects of Noise fest and installation for museum.

How often do you sitting an alone and composing some new stuff? Do you need to be surrounded by total silence or this doesn’t have a matter for you?

I work on music almost every day. If there is a mood for this purpose. Night or total silence – the best friends for composing)

How did the you come up with the name Sleepwalker and tell what does it means for you?

It as state of mind, oblivion. this you and not you at the same time, it isn’t controlled by you, but nevertheless occurs. It as creation of music, mystical process, magic. The end result can be different and not predictable.

My state of mind and soul, my behavior very much approaches under this name. Somt times people thinkthat iam not from this world, iam not here I don’t hear what occurs around.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

Full length and euro tour.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Thank You for Your time and interest. Listen good music and enjoy Sleewalker.