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December 16, 2018

Interview SkeleToon

Hi guys! Give a brief history of SkeleToon, music style, and the members.

Hey everybody! Thanks to let us be here;). Skeletoon was born as original band in 2014, a solo project by Tomi. Main task was to put  passion for “nerd” stuff and power metal together. An “happy” and sarcastic approach was the ultimate ingredient to let “SKELETOON” live;). After the debut album, possibilities were growing up and, to make gigs possible, solo project became a proper band with a set line up. Albums and live shows are funny, we want not to take it too much serious, and we suggest everybody to do the same, in order to have fun and to MAKE fun of what is normally “demonized”;)

Give in more detail, some information about your upcoming album “Ticking Clock” and are you expecting huge sales?

“Ticking Clock” is a darker album than “The Curse of the avenger”: we could still consider it as a “Happy Metal album”, but the storyline and all the influences are bit more mature. Nerd stuff is always included, but we decided to experiment something “deeper”. We hope this will enjoy our standard followers and new ones too..especially those ones who said we play a “too easy” music… ahahaahaha.

SkeleToon has signed with Revalve records, tell more about that?

Revalve is the label everyone would want to work with, they are professional and always ready to answer to the phone when we messed up something!!! Eheheh!! By the way, Rob (Revalve’s C.E.O), is a great guy with a great music experience, we could not see us with a better guide than him, in these frantic days for music business..;)

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

We made just 2, so this is gonna be a very short answer… ahahaha. Well, I would say they are both great, obviously… if we consider them as something linked by our “irriverent mood”, maybe first is the “light side” and second the “dark side” (…see?? Again a refer to how much nerd we really are…) even this storyline is more difficult and full of deeper meanings, but this time we wanted to hide a surprise that pops out after you completely listened to the whole album..so you have to hang till the end 🙂

What inspires SkeleToon music and lyric writing? What does SkeleToon lyrics talk about?

As said before: Nerds and nerd problems… sometimes with deeper refers to real feelings a “normal” guy like them can experience… and they can be unbelievably surprising. We are basically talk about ourselves: a bunch of “losers” who think they have something more than what immediately appears.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

As much as we can. We always answer “YES” to a live show: this particular period is tough for music and we deeply believe Live shows are necessary. And they are way funnier than the rest!! Playing Abroad?? Definitely best way to party with new people around!! Last year we supported KORPIKLAANI in East Europe/ Russia: barely remember what happen (booze great over there 🙂 but looking on pictures seems we had looot of fun!!!!

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

Difficult to say: we made 2 albums, entirely wrote by Tomi, who took maybe 3 months to complete everything… longer parts were to let every musician and guest to study and record songs, but we could say that every album had a 6 months prep time… for 3rd one (we are already working on it…) Tomi won’t be alone anymore, because it will be the first written by everyone in the band for the first time… hope we do not mess everything, thou 🙂

How did the band come up with the name SkeleToon and tell what does it means for you?

It has been (strange to say…) a Tomi’s idea: is the fusion of SKELETON & CARTOON words, to put the attention on both sides we wanted to underline. We play metal, we have to be tough and mean (skeleton), but we are also a bunch of normal (..bit losers..) guys, who love comics and vintage stuff (cartoons)… here we go: Skele-Toon 🙂

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

We have something huge to reveal, but we have to wait for it… it’s gonna be Tour, Videos, Releases with guests… you guys will know it if we decide to follow us on socials (be prepared, in case: we re-post and tag in a very obsessive way!!!ahahahahha).

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Just this: thanks to have read till down here..and remember: if you’re  feeling down depressed and lonely, we know a place where you can go, and it’s with SKELETOON! (..wait a sec, was that a Maiden’s song or something????………)