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November 13, 2018

Interview Ghost Season

Answered by Helen Nota (Drums)

Give a brief history of Ghost Season, music style, and the members.

GHOST SEASON is Dorian Gates (Bass 2013-current), Nick Christolis (Guitars as well as production & engineering 2013-current), Hercules Zotos  (Vocals 2015-current) and Helen Nota (Drums 2016-present). The basic idea came when our bassist Dorian left from another band he was playing in to start something new, heavier, melodic and a bit melancholic too. He formed Ghost Season during July 2013 and the year 2015 found the band with a big line-up change. September 2015 our singer Hercules join the band and I joined in summer 2016. The band released their first EP titled “Ghosts like Her” in 2014, the single “Break My Chains” in 2015 and on January 27th we will release our debut album titled “Like Stars In a Neon Sky” through Pavement Entertainment which is really exciting.

Give in more detail, some information about your album “Like Stars in a Neon Sky”?

2016 has been all about the new record ‘’Like Stars In A Neon Sky’’ which of course is is our debut album and the first material featuring the current line-up. It consists of an intro and 11 songs, ranging from fast-paced riffs to more atmospheric melodies and rock ballads. It is a product of great team work, as the mix and mastering was done by our guitarist Nick and the layout was edited by our bassist Dorian. Now that I’m thinking of it, Nick has become quite an engineer and producer. We as a group have watched and stood alongside Nick as he developed his skills. Many times we were like experiment rats! We are proud to have such a hardworking individual on the ship. Not only has it given us the freedom to create and make our music exactly how we want it, but it has most definitely been a huge money saviour! The album is definitely heavier than the previous EP “Ghosts Like Her”. We really tried to hold nothing back. Not that we had to. This new record has its moments of melancholy mixed with heavy vocal hooks and electricity.
We feel it is the record that people who listen to Alternative Metal music will love.
It is also very important to mention that the album was co-produced by  J. Loren Wince of Hurt. We thank him very much, it’s an honor to work with a person so gifted and talented as he is.

Ghost Season has signed with Pavement Entertainment, tell more about that?

Yeah this is an amazing thing that came along with the album. A chance to work with Pavement Music is awesome. Dorian came in contact with Tim and Mark from the label last September. Things came really fast to tell you the truth. Pretty straitforeward and right-on. We had send Tim some early versions of the new songs if I remember well. They listened to the music, they liked it, they know what they’re doing, we liked what they offered. They came to us with a really cool and forward-thinking deal. Pavement was offering a very equal-opportunity and beneficial situation for everyone, which I think is sort of the wave of the future, especially with independent labels. Not to mention, we just love all the artists they have. Artists like Candlebox, The Veer Union, Soil, Tantric and Smile Empty Soul are stuff we listen when we’re at home. I think for Dorian it was something that he wanted a very long time. This specific label.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

Since I wasn’t a part of Ghost Season at the time when their EP ‘’Ghosts Like Her’’ was released, I can only speak as a listener. Even though their older material was well-written and full of ideas, I think there’s a great evolution in terms of song-writing, but also concerning the production. So, while working on the new record, the band focused on defining its style and sound, and I believe the final result is rewarding.

What inspires Ghost Season music and lyric writing? What does Ghost Season lyrics talk about?

That’s a question Dorian must answer cause he wrote all the lyrics for the album.
Maybe on a next interview. But I know the lyrics on the album comes from personal feelings and emotions. It’s tough to explain yourself in words anyway, to a friend, or whomever. You know, if you’re talking about really, really important stuff, and really emotional stuff, and the stuff that is at everybody’s deepest heart. That’s the stuff that’s so hard to verbalize.The music proccess comes more natural, an idea comes in mind, a riff, and we built on it. If something moves us melodically and aesthetically, then it’s going in.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

Yes, we have live performances on a monthly basis. Since the current line-up was formed, we have played extensively in several live stages in Athens. We haven’t played outside Greece yet, but we are surely interested in a gig or tour abroad.

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

We practice consistently every week in order to be able to deliver the best performance possible in every live appearance. We haven’t yet begun to work on new material, since we are still focused on the release of the current album, but it will certainly happen in the near future. Rough ideas and riffs have been written and some demo songs too but our main focus is on the promotion of the album right now.

How did the band came up with the name Ghost Season and tell what does it mean for you?

Again I wasn’t there! But I know that the name Ghost Season was Dorians idea back in the summer of 2013 when he formed the band. They all sat down in a cafe and he popped the idea to the rest of the guys and they all loved it. Either way we’re living in a “Ghost Season” these times. Everyone comes and goes, relationships, politicians, people, everything is changing faster and faster than before. It has it’s poetry inside too even in a more… melancholic or gloomy kind of way.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

For now, we can’t wait for the release of ‘’Like Stars In A Neon Sky’’ and the reception it will get. We’ll keep on playing live shows in Athens and probably we’ll schedule a tour around Greece. Also, one of our primary goals is to play some gigs abroad in 2017.

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Thank you for spending time to read about us. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to our album and we’d like to meet you in the neon sky.