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November 13, 2018



Hail IN THOUSAND LAKES, welcome to Sick And Destroy. Before we start the interview, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers. To begin with where are you from and a brief history about your band?

The band is from Bilbao a city in the north of Spain, Jokin (guitar) and me formed the band back in 1995 & we released the demo tape “Emotions” in 1996 & the album “Lifeless Waters And Forgotten Land” in 1998, we stopped the activity of the band some months after the release of the album.
We decided to come back at the end of 2013.We released an EP with 4 new songs in 2014 and we re-released the old demo & the album in a Cd entitled “The Memories That Burn”, the songs were remastered and we included the new track “The Scaffold” as bonus.
In December 2016 we recorded “Age O f Decay”, Xtreem Music will release it on 20th February 2017.

How would you describe your music? And what bands have influenced you the most?

Melodic Death Metal.I think that bands such as Dark Tranquillity, Amorphis, Sentenced, Paradise Lost and many others if we talk of Death Metal but you can listen to many influencies coming from Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, European Power Metal, Progressive… We try to combinate everything when we write the songs.

How many and which albums/demos has IN THOUSAND LAKES released so far?

“Emotions” (Demo) 1996
”Lifeless Waters And Forgotten Land” 1998
”Martyrs Of Evolution” EP 2014
”The Memories That Burn” (“Emotions” + “Lifeless Waters And Forgotten Land” + 1 bonus track)
”Age Of Decay” February 2017….

Which ones happens to be your favourite songs? of IN THOUSAND LAKES and personal.

I like to listen to the song “Age Of Decay” …. Obviously I like all the songs but I have my favourites to play such as Ethereal, I Rise or True North…
Most of the music I listen to is melodic, from all genres… Melody is important in my musical taste.

Do you feel that IN THOUSAND LAKES’s music has changed over the years and how?

Sure! We have learned a lot from our mistakes… now, we are concentrated into write songs we like, I mean sometimes in the past we were a bit lost with the structure of the songs for example or giving too many attention to the technical side…Now, we feel more free when we work in new songs, more open minded…
Lyrics have also changed a lot, we were vey abstract in the past and now, you can know what we are talking about…

How much time does it take for IN THOUSAND LAKES to record an album?

“Age of Decay” 2 weeks more or less with mixing & mastering…we have worked very well in the studio, the recording was fast & our producer spent a lot of time to get the best sound possible.We are really satisfied with the final sound of the album.

Tell us something more about the latest album ‘Age of Decay’ (Release date: February 20th 2017, Xtreem Music).

It´s our second album & it will be released on 20th February. 11 new tracks with a good variety, it contains tracks with catchy melodies, powerful drums in some of them and reminiscences of the music we like but under our own musical point of view.
There is a lyric video for the track “True North” and a clip for “Death Train”, we are finishing a video for “I Rise”

Whats next? Working on any new album? If so, some details please.

Now we are working in the video “I Rise” which will be available a week before the release date…
We have spent something like 11 months working on the new album & we need a break with the songwritting…
We are working on the new set list, we have many new songs and others from the other releases.

Any tours, gigs for promotion of latest album?

We will start in June with the live shows… no tours planned a the moment.

Any future plans for playing in Europe or USA?

We will play some shows in Spain & later we´d check about other countries but now, we are very concentrated with the promo of the album.
We have enough time to check for the live shows.

Has IN THOUSAND LAKES done any opening acts for other major heavy weight bands? If yes, then when and where?

In 1996 we opened for Cradle Of Filth and we were in a big festival with Manowar, Napalm Death… in the south in Spain, it was in 1998.
We have never played outside our country at the moment. We hope to do it this year.

What do you feel about the Metal Scene there in your country?

There are bands playing good music, we have a good amount of metal media & if the band works in a good way with dedication can get some results.
We are not living good times in the music industry but we must try to do the best.

Any messages for the readers?

First at all, thanx Jacob for the interview. I hope yor readers give us a chance & listen to our music.
Listen to us here: