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December 16, 2018

Atreides unveil “Neopangea” cover and tracklist

Spanish heavy metal band Atreides presents ¨Neopangea¨, available in March through Suspiria Records. Despite the good reviews received for their debut “Cosmos”, the band hasn’t chosen a continuist attitude. Always bearing the power metal flag, this new album will open their full range of influences, from thrash tracks to dark and intimate metal. Atreides will present a new single soon, before the release of the new album, which is added to the already published video of “Frágiles”. We’re also revealing the cover and tracklist.

  1. Caminante
  2. Penitencia
  3. Laberintos
  4. La Niebla
  5. Frágiles
  6. Balada Nº6
  7. Plaga Capital
  8. ¿A dónde ir?
  9. Solaris
  10. Nueva Pangea