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March 31, 2020

Archives for October 2016

BALFOR launched track-by-track trailer for their upcoming effort “Black Serpent Rising”

Ukrainian Black Metal horde BALFOR, featuring members of Khors, Raventale and ex-Hate Forest released track-by-track trailer for their upcoming album “Black Serpent Rising”, which is expected to be released on January 15th via Drakkar Productions. “Black Serpent Rising” track listing: Serpents Of The Black Sun Dawn Of Savage Unbounded Wrath Of Venom Heralds Of The

Carved – The Hidden Ones

This is the story of a world in stasis, the world of those who from victims become executioners and, because of that, only crave deliverance. It’s the journey of those who face the inevitability of Fate, of those who face the mythological figures of their existence, of those who are lost in their defeat. It’s

Cities of Mars “Celestial Mistress” EP

Cities of Mars Interplanetary doom metal In 1971, the Soviet Union landed a secret agent on Mars. After her initial reports she vanished without a trace.The mission files and communications reports disappeared and all knowledge of the mission was buried. Until now. Celestial Mistress EP coming on an amazing 12” gatefold vinyl record via Suicide

Interview Hexx

Hexx – American band, playing since 1983, they were and they are kick ass! Hi! Tell me about Hexx and ‘80s, when you just started the band. Do you remember those times? Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore? Hello! Thanks for the interview and


Axis of Despair features former and present members of such bands as Nasum, Coldworker, Infanticide, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift and Overtorture. To be exact: The band was formed by former Coldworker members Anders Jakobson (drums), Oskar Pålsson (bass) and Joel Fornbrant (vocals) in the end of 2013. They play old school and raw (to

Interview After All

After All – great thrash metal band from Belgium, welcome! Hi! Tell me about After All and ‘90s. Why did you decide to name the band with such title after two another ones? And what kind of ideas from the early days do you explore ‘till now? Dries and I (Christophe) met in school in

Interview Barishi

Gritty Progressive Metal from Jamaica! Hi! Tell me about Barishi. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore? We formed in 2010  and had a different name. We had to change our name in 2012 I think. I had been reading about shamanism in Mongolia.

Hooded Menace sign to Season of Mist

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of HOODED MENACE. The Finnish death doom prodigies will release their next album on the label. Regarding their signing, HOODED MENACE comment: “We are stoked to join the very diverse roster of Season of Mist. This is a rather logical step onward on our path. New

PAIN “Designed To Piss You Off”

he Swedish metal force PAIN, led by multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, LINDEMANN), will return to the road with their Coming Home Tour 2016 this week. The band will join forces with THE VISION BLEAK, DYNAZTY and BILLION DOLLAR BABIES. Today, the band released the brand new lyric video for the song “Designed To

Interview Savage Master

Occult heavy metal from USA! Hi! Tell me about Savage Master. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore? Hello! We are an occult heavy metal band which formed in October 2013. We decided that Savage Master would be a fitting name for the satanic,

ROOT premiere new song “Life Of Demon”

Legendary Czech dark metallers ROOT premiere new song “Life Of Demon” in anticipation of their upcoming album “Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion”, set to be released on November 25th via Agonia. Listen to the album’s opening track here:

Bahrrecht song premiere

Bahrrecht (French Black metal) launched official song premiere from upcoming album “L’Aube Glacée”, which will be releason on 21 October 2016 by Ketzer records! Pre-orders here – http://www.ketzer-records.de/shop_2/index.php

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