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November 13, 2018

Interview Lucifera


What are your first thoughts when you hear something like “Colombian metal band”? Mine is something like “oh shit! let’s check it out, because Colombian metal bands are fucking awesome! They are honest towards music they do in spite of nowadays rotting modern sounds!”. So, this is the time to tell you more about one Colombian band, called Lucifera, let’s fucking go!

Hi! Tell me about Lucifera. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore?

Greetings to all readers of Seek and Destroy, here David Hellrazor, founder and guitarist of Lucifera, the name we owe thanks to the speed metal band ACID from Belgium, in their album Maniac of 1.983 comes this song and when we’re listening to this album gave us the idea to put the name of that song, plus the chorus is excellent” I’m the devil’s daughter, Lucifera’s who I am ”who has not sung this piece so loudly! that’s how Lucifera born and as we named the band in 2008 in a room full of alcohol and metal!

“Sed de venganza & Legiones de metal” album was released about one month ago. How does that make you feel? Do you feel you have put album into masses without any wishes to change something now?

I think after making a production and recording for professional CD, the biggest expectation that there as a band is that this material reaches many people around the world and also will enjoy… being a band that doesn’t have formed a long time a go and has suffered many lineup changes the acceptance has been excellent outside our country! and if you ask me if i wanted anything changed this album I can tell you: NO! I really liked the sound, the strength and the final result in arts and production was great! I can’t want to change anything!

Tell me more about “Sed de venganza & Legiones de metal”? Album ideas etc…

I was listening the demo tape ”Sed de Venaganza” and the sound quality of this demo is quite bad, was our first production and the recording was very homemade, we were in a rehearsal room and took a computer to which you connect a microphone and we put it in the middle of the room, the songs were recorded and played that way! It was at that moment when I was hearing that I had the idea to re-record this songs with better sound and why not! also record some tracks of 7”EP ”Legiones de Metal” it was so chose 4 track of the Demo Tape and 4 tracks of the 7”EP, and included an instrumental that we played in rehearsals but always for its long duration never made public or play live, now I had this opportunity and have decided to recorder it for this production!
Rebeca sang the songs in clean voice, very melodic voice, but Alejandra sings guttural and very scream, so I had to tune a tone below the guitar to sound better with his voice, the songs sounded much better than before and we decided leave this tuning for future productions.

Why you have changed Evil Domain prods to Tanatofobia prods?

Evil Domain Prods. Their first production was with Lucifera and thanks to this label we could make our first official full lenght in a deluxe presentation, after that the label had much more acceptance and productions were one after another, so when I had the idea to record Sed de Venganza & Legiones de Metal was Thanatophobia Prods. who offered me a good deal and i accept, we hope in the future back to work with Evil Domain.

Lucifera contains 99% of female line-up, even all past musicians, like Eliana, Rebeca etc etc… Seems like the band was originally formed by girl or by man who can’t feel good without couple of cute girls around, hehe?

Always been related to Lucifera with women, in the past was fully integrated for them but it was nothing more than follow the stream of bands that were built entirely by women, Alejandra and I were always those who did everything in the band, wI was who do all the musical composition and Alejandra the lyrics, we joined us and we’re doing each track of the band, I can not deny when the band was known as a female band had more acceptance and was more searched for events and festivals, but the reality was there many conflicts between members, so one by one was leaving the band, always staying Alejandra and I, so far we continue to work that way and the truth is easier when you work well, one composes music and another composed lyrics, for the new production I worked on a couple of lyrics for my songs and I hope they are as good as does my friend Alejandra!

How could you describe Lucifera gigs?

The first tour in 2010 was quite difficult, it was the first time we went outside and as a first experience had many difficulties, some concerts were canceled, some promoters left us practically on the street, there were days that the only thing we ate was a bowl of soup and there were other times that our only food were beers, add to all that hours of road trip with instruments and equipment, but we met great people who helped us and supported us without expecting anything in return, these people thank because without them we would have slept on the street, it was hard but it was one of the most brutal experiences we have lived as a band, that’s where you meet real people! the second tour in 2015 two more countries joined: Argentina and Chile, but this time as we’re going more prepared and we had experience with before, so it was easier and not as hard as the previous one, in the future we hope make the tours more extensive and go to other countries more distant!

Where do you take all inspiration from?

The inspiration comes from everything, I’m a big fan of Rock ‘n Roll, I like a lot the Traditional Heavy Metal, I am a faithful follower of Teutonic Thrash Metal, I admire the Swedish Death Metal and of course i love the European Black Metal, if you asked me if bands from my country was inspired me to make Metal….the answer I gave was NO, I admire and respect very much the Metal of my country but don’t consider it as a direct influence on me, when I learned to play guitar I do covers to bands like Witchtrap, Masacre, Neurosis, Nebiros.. but I was never influenced by them! I think for that reason the music I do with Lucifera is unconventional, if you hear well you can know how mix so many genres to create something unique, I don’t like at all the metal that is easy to assimilate, it’s like any other music you hear on a radio, so mainstream, I prefer the context in Metal, ideology, philosophy and strong foundation for its realization, I like those bands who express so much ideology that look like a history book, each song is a passage from the book and I try to do the same with Lucifera, although in my country, people still like that conventional Metal and when they hear something different don’t like it, we must learn to listen before hear!

In your opinion, wha is the best way to define Lucifera’s sound?

Don’t would class to Lucifera in some specific genre! I simply do Metal, in some countries say: Lucifera play Thrash/Death, in other Thrash/Black in others simply Thrash, this happens because my musical influences, that are not enclosed in one, I can explore and make something special with the songs, they can go fast, they can go slow, they can be dense, they can be dark and also allegorical, I just do what I feel is right for me! I don’t believe in the approval of anyone to do what I like to do, if I could define the sound of Lucifera would define with the word: METAL!

So, are you on hiatus now, just relaxed and looking for album feedbacks, or did you started to compose new stuff immediately?

Lucifera was a long time doing nothing, Sed de Venganza & Legiones de Metal came out in June but we already have ready the new tracks of the next album, in September come in to the studio to record and start with production work and I hope in December or January of the next year be ready and pressed the new album, also for next year comes another surprise more, and 2018, when we meet 10 years of experience, we make a special album dedicated to 10 years of continuous war and sacrifice!

What are your main musical influences? How huge is the influence in your sound?

As I said before, my musical influence is not based on a single genre, I like to hear every musical Metal genre and each one has an interesting look, but I will say frankly!!! I can’t hear gothic stuff, or power stuff or things like Dream Theater! It is very elaborate and loses strength and force! I don’t like it! but if I can say thanks to Thrash, Death and Black Metal I can do Metal, I think that’s why we categorized within these 3 genres!

Is theresome well-known musician in particular that you would like to use in one of your upcoming albums?

Dagon from Inquisition, I think he’s one of the greatest minds at this time, his musical appreciation, his concept of music, his philosophy and his great compositional ability makes it one of the biggest, if not the best musician that I known, every album and every song that makes Dagon is a work of art! It would be an honor be part in a song that I write!

What is your personal strategy for making your music heard by a larger audience?

We don’t have a strategy to be heard, the things we have attained and achieved has been due to zines, labels and metalheads around the world, who have been always supporting us, they are the ones who know our music, zines show a side more personal of the band, labels distributed to every possible place and followers make our music is still alive, I think without these elements any band could be heard!
Other media are social networks, but we prefer to have a direct contact with our fans and deal with them as if they were our friends! Metal for real Metalheads!

Do you have any other hobby besidemusic?Also, life conditions in Colombia not so fair, what are you in the common life, what are you doing to survive?

Well, Alejandra and I are graphic designers, this profession is difficult, is not well paid and work is very underrated, but we do our best to survive in this way, for my part I work too with bands of my city and country, doing flyers for metal shows, covers and booklets for bands, logos, presskits and everything you need for your band in graphics, I’m always working with metal, either musically or graphically!

Are you all supported by your relatives towards your devotion to music?

Not at all, in an entirely religious country, if you’re in a band, you play Metal, you wear black and have long hair you are the scum of society, anyone would think that, even your parents, so it is quite difficult to make metal and listen to your music in a place where the Metalhead is the black sheep of such a false and hypocritical culture like ours! FUCK OFF RELIGION!!

How’s the metal scene in Colombia right now? Is iteasy to play gigs, to buy records etc there these days?

Colombia remains one of the countries with bands of export and a musical legacy of decades, has become a place to play live is becoming more difficult, there is no support or promoters or labels, everything is envy, everything is war, everything is conflict, every day new bands are known but those bands fail to have sufficient importance for national festivals take them into account, prefer to take the cheaper or what remains them closer, release a Tape or CD in Colombia is quite difficult, there are very few companies that engage in this work and the few ones are too fucking expensive, despite this, the metal remains one of the pioneers and Colombian bands are well known in the world, there is still committed labels and zines that support regional bands, there are still dealers who sell real Metal for real Metalheads, there are still people who believe in Metal and there are still people who live and die for this! the scene is not dead and will not let die!!

Thank you for answering my questions, see ya on the road!

Thanks for the interview, and a special greetings to all the maniacs around the world! STAY METAL! 696