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January 24, 2019

Interview Ignea


Strange fact! Ignea have very good feedback from fans, but I have never heard about them before got their promo, so let’s check what Ignea is all about!

Tell me about Ignea. Why did you decide to name the band with such title? What kind of ideas do you explore?

Earlier, we were titled “Parallax”, which suited our previous space-oriented music style and was a terribly common title for lots of other bands. When time came to change our music focus and rename the band, IGNEA seemed a proper title. It means “flaming” or “burning”. Like an oriental desert, like the flame that can be both warm and disastrous. But it’s live and cannot remain unnoticed. That’s how our new music sounds now. For me personally, flame is the most beloved element, I’ve even been doing fireshow for a long time.

Where do you take all inspiration from?

Absolutely everything. Reading, watching movies, travelling, getting to know other cultures, listening to traditional melodies. Sometimes you can get inspired even by a small pattern on a canvas. It is unpredictable and illogical.

How could you define Ignea’s sound?

We play modern oriental metal, which is a blend of heavy sound and Middle Eastern melodies. Perhaps, it is not as obvious when listening to the tracks we have released so far (except for “Pertichor” with Yossi Sassi, of course), but our upcoming album will be totally oriental-flavoured. And much heavier than “Alga”, for example.

“Alga” got many positive scores in many reviews. Are you proud of it?

Of course we are! This track brought us even more we could imagine when creating it. But it is strong and finds response in people’s hearts from all over the world.

When you have released this single? Was it released by some label or it was just single which was promoted by grand sounds pr?

We have released all tracks on our own, investing all costs by ourselves, including recording, video and photo shooting, promoting. Grand Sounds PR is one of our promotional channels. But we hope to get our next album signed by a label. We believe, it has really deserving music pieces.

“Alga” got around 300000 views on Youtube, it’s amazing! How do you think it was possible to reach such huge amount of views, do you have myriads of fans worldwide or it was just a kind of luck?

Yes, and the number of views continues to grow, which we are very happy about. In fact, it is this video that brought many new fans to us. The number of our YouTube subscribers is nearing 5,000, and all of them were earned after “Alga” was released. Facebook fans and music sales grow as well. It brings confidence and inspiration as well. Seems like what we’re doing is not in vain.

Are you preparing some new stuff right now? If yes – then what is the main difference from your previous stuff? Are not you looking for any new ideas/concepts for Ignea?

As said, we’re recording a full-length album, which will be totally different to what we’ve done before. 50% of vocals will be growls, there will be more Middle-Eastern flavour in each track, both in music and lyrics. Can’t wait it to be released, really. We are so into the new music that we cannot play the old stuff on rehearsals 😀

What are your main musical influences? Have they influenced on your sound?

Of course, it is Orphaned Land, the fathers of oriental metal, Amorphis, Nightwish, Arkan, Moonspell… Can’t say to which extent they’ve influenced our tracks, because we are often compared to Lacuna Coil 😀 But with the upcoming album, who knows…

Is there some well known vocalist in particular that you would like to use in one of your upcoming albums?

We would really like Tomi Joutsen from Amorphis to record a track with us. Otep Shamaya from Otep, Karyn Crisis and Myrkur are my personal favourites to have a joint track with. But I guess that any collaboration would be very interesting and challenging.

You do not use pseudonyms instead of your real names, as many bands do. Why do not you hide your real names?

In fact, I do use a pseudonym, although many people think this is my real name 😀
I use Helle as a stage name, but my real name is Olga. Other members of the band use their real names, and there is actually no particular reason for that.

Are you all supported by your relatives towards your devotion to music?

Yes, we are. They were shocked to see our growing popularity, as it is quite strange for them. But, till we all have regular jobs and music is, unfortunately, a hobby, they are patient.

How’s the metal scene in Ukraine? Is it easy to play gigs, to buy records etc there?

It is tough. There is a bunch of deserving bands, and others are just all the same. In Kiev, we’ve got gigs every week, and the audience is used to it. IGNEA music is more perceived abroad and I hope that we manage to break boundaries and tour in the EU and even farther.

Thank you, it was good to speak with you, I wish you all the best and much more ideas for the music! / Lukasz

Thanks for having us! All the best to you too!