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August 22, 2019

Berserker signs with Sliptrick records

Lithuanian female fronted melodic epic metal band Berserker signs the deal with Sliptrick records!
Berserker is a melodic metal band from Vilnius, founded on the 7th of March, 2009. The name of the band is binded with viking era; Berserk (berserker) – is known from historic tales as a fearless scandinavian warrior.  Bands songs also reflect inner and outer battles. Inner fights are personal emotions,  mixed feelings. Outer fights are social injustice, industrialization, destruction of the wild nature.

Berserker vision – music, which combines epic melodies, apocalyptic lyrics, strong and expressive vocals to bring every listener to his own unearthly, magical, fantastic reality

Berserker often plays various gigs in Lithuanian and foreign clubs, festivals, charitable events. Countries visited so far: Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Poland.

In the 2014 the band participated in a project “Muzyczne Rodowody”, with a result of a CD with mix of local music, which included Berserkers „W jedności nasza siła”.

Album “Dark Worlds Collide” was recorded, mastered and mixed in 2015 by Rimtautas Piskarskas from “Muzikos Laboratorija”, Vilnius based recording studio. Album features 7 songs and 2 interludes.

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Influences: Nightwish | Ensiferum | Children of Bodom | Kalmah

Current line-up:
Agnieška Volček [Vocals]
Kristina Semionova [keyboard]
Kšištof Jusel [Guitar/Growl]
Mažvydas Vrubliauskas [Guitar]
Georgijus Kirilovas [Drums]
Roman Semionov [Bass]
name [Additional members/Guests]

DARK WORLDS COLLIDE | Sliptrick Records | 2016