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February 23, 2020

Pop Javali to release live album recorded in Amsterdam

“Live In Amsterdam” was recorded during the band’s european tour that, besides the Netherlands, also went through England, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

After two albums released, shows with Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Ugly Kid Joe, Pop Javali walks increasingly toward success. Soon or not to say, the fact is that the band is going through its best time. Definitely! The hard/heavy power trio just returned from Europe where played nine concerts in England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. Among the gigs, highlights the Cart & Horses in London – the same pub where Maiden started its career – the show they did in Amsterdam, at The Waterhole, and the two festivals, Sneker Metal Meeting in Holland, and Razorblade in Germany.

Proof of that excellent reception that Marcelo Frizzo (bass/vocal), Jaéder Menossi (guitar) and Loks Rasmussen (drums) had on the old world is published on the european press. The Pit, one of the most respected specialized rock/metal sites from Germany, published on its coverage of Razorblade Festival that Pop Javali was, “no doubt, the biggest surprise of the festival”. In Brazil the impact has not been different. Roadie Crew, the main and most respected printed rock magazine, published a two pages interview with the group.

To consolidate the success of this first experience in Europe, Pop Javali announces the release of their first live CD, “Live In Amsterdam”, recorded during one of the outstanding performances of the tour, at The Waterhole, in the dutch capital.

“Live In Amsterdam” will be mixed and mastered by Andria Busic, of the legendary brazilian group Dr. Sin, with whom the band had previously worked in its previous studio album, “The Game Of Fate”.

According to Marcelo Frizzo, “Live In Amsterdam” reaffirms the success of the first international tour and summarizes the entire trajectory of Pop Javali until now.

“Launching this live album is undoubtedly one of the most important steps in Pop Javali’s career,” enthused says the musician. “We recorded the audio of several other shows during the tour, but Amsterdam has a special flavor. This show was amazing! First because it was a show on a Monday! Where else could you play on Monday and still record a live album with an audience made up of people from all over the world? This is only possible in Amsterdam! I even remember that during our set appeared a lot of Indonesian musicians in the audience and they were having fun and shaking all around. At the end of the show we had some beers with the guys. It was a very happy and exciting night, especially because it was the last show of the tour. Through this live album we want to share with our fans all that joy and surreal thrill it is to have your music well-received across the ocean.”
“Live In Amsterdam” will be released before the end of the first semester of 2016. Tracklist and cover will soon be revealed.






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