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April 8, 2020

Empheris – Polish beasts

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EMPHERIS has been called to form a flesh in the end of 2003 upon ashes of ERIS (1995-2003). First official demo was Bloodwrath, recorded in december 2004 with Empherion – gtr., Bonif – bass, Helvete – dr, and Adrian – voc. In meantime band was playing their first gigs, ready to next recording session of demo Ancient Necrostorms. It transformed into debut album with the same title. This album cleared band style as black/thrash metal with deep classic old school inclinations. After recording the second album Regain Heaven, horde played concerts in Germany and Poland with bands such as Aura Noir, Inquisition, Witchmaster, Dead Infection, Quo Vadis, Adultery, Hellsaw. Following years the band recorded a mass of splits, EP, demo, which was released on every possible media in many countries around the world, excluding web releases. In result Empheris was baptized as succesors of Nun Slaughter and Sabbat – which is not accurate diagnosis in member’s eyes. Next gigs was huge rituals at side of bands: Possessed, Varathron, Headhunter DC, Rotting Christ, Hazael, Besatt, and many more. In 2014, Empherion and drummer Varaska left the band. Their place was filled by Steyr (Hell Patrol), Tomasz Dobrzeniecki (Hazael, Alastor, Nightmare…) and Burner of the Cross (from argentinian Morbosus). Rest of personel are constantly Bonif and Adrian. With new members the band keeps playing live gigs, and is getting ready to craft some new material – especially still delayed third longplay.

P.O. Box 20
02- 919 Warsaw 76


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