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February 18, 2020

Louisiana Stoner Metallers BOUDAIN Announce Sizzling Debut for 4/20 Release

Louisiana Stoner Metallers BOUDAIN will release Way of the Hoof, the band’s debut full-length, on April 20.  The album is the follow-up to the group’s highly regarded s/t 2013 EP and is a storm of Space, Pork, and Riffs!  Check out the Way of the Hoof teaser video at this location.

Recorded at SpaceLab 420 Studios, Way of the Hoof is perfect for anyone who enjoys the kind of groove that makes you want to smoke out, grill out, and chill with the swine. Hailing from Monroe, LA and featuring heavy (literally and figuratively) influence from genre-legends like SLEEP, THE MELVINS, KYUSS and FU MANCHU, BOUDAINis ready to unleash their sun-blistered, misery-laden brand of stoner metal on audiences nationwide with Way Of the Hoof. Stream new track “CODA” and/or pre-order the album at this link:

Here is what the members had to say about Way of the Hoof:
Brian Lenard (guitars): “Ya can’t fit any more meat in the record. For real, we tried and there ain’t no room.”

Chris Porter (bass/vocals): “This album far exceeds our expectations and we’re ready to get it out there.”
David Karakash (guitars): “Fat. So much fat. Fat everywhere. So much fat I can’t move. Always Chunky. Always Funky.”

Stephen Jester (drums): “I’m ready to get out there and play this stuff live. Work sucks. Seriously, I’m dying inside guys.”

Track List:
1. Sleazy Feats
2. Neptune
4. 3 Man
5. First Class
6. The Mighty Turn Around
7. Disco Jimmy
8. Godzilla*
*Blue Öyster Cult cover
Boudin is a Cajun sausage dish that is most frequently rolled into a ball, battered, and deep-fried. Coincidentally, BOUDAIN is also one of the heaviest bands you’re bound to find North of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana, a state known for both its crispy, fried pig fat, as well as its crispy, fried, pig-fat-soaked stoner metal bands.
Praise for 2013 EP:
“Southern-fried doomy hard rock in the vein of Clutch and Kyuss. Incredibly heavy and makes the perfect soundtrack to a day of drinking beer in a kiddie pool in the scorching heat.”  – Brandon Ringo (New Noise Magazine)
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