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March 29, 2017

Reject The Sickness

Interview Reject The Sickness

Melodic death metal, made by modern way, Reject The Sickness came from Belgium! Hi! Tell me about Reject The Sickness. Why did you decide to give the band that name? What kind of ideas do you explore? We chose that name because it fits our concept well. I work as a social worker and my

Reject The Sickness – video premiere “My Agony” on Legacy.de

Reject The Sickness released new videoclip “My Agony”! Premiere on Legacy.de! http://www.legacy.de/exklusives/item/33557-reject-the-sickness-my-agony-official-video Guy, frontman of Reject The Sickness comments on the video: “The video of My Agony was made by Malika Maria AtwOrk (Malika does visuals on bigger live shows). The lyrics of the song discribes the inner fight of a trauma after molestation. The video shows the