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March 29, 2017


Interview Eyestral

For sure French metal scene is owerwhelmed by decent metal bands, but there are many awesome acts you can miss, and in aim you could have a little chance to know some good bands from there – we make an interview with progressive thrash metal band Eyestral! Hi! Tell me about Eyestral. Why did you

EYESTRAL “Beware the Rat King” @ Prog Thrash metal

Eyestral, Progressive Thrash Metal with various influences, began in the end of 2012 with Ant, a thrash metal guitarist with a dozen original compositions, and David Ayme, music teacher in Rouen influenced by progressive movements and jazz fusion. Eyestral was born… Valentin Chouaf, a metal bassist, and drummer Baptiste Collay, complete the line-up. In 2014