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May 21, 2018


Full Album Stream: Abscess – “Horrorhammer (Reissue)”

Abscess was a horror-themed death metal/punk band featuring members of Autopsy, including Chris Reifert and guitarist Danny Coralles. Always incorporating elements of death/doom, punk and psychedelia into their music, they left behind a relatively large body of work when they disbanded in 2010. Not every project saw vinyl release, however, which is where Horror Pain Gore

Video Premiere: American Standards – “Weep”

Phoenix’s American Standards have spent the last seven years unleashing chaotic hardcore in the vein of early Converge, The Chariot and Norma Jean. Injecting hardcore with intense technicality, metal influence and emotive lyrics, their new single “Weep” is one of strongest things released in the realm of hardcore and metalcore this year. Leading with feedback before launching

Cosmic Church: Grant Me Your Voice, So I May Sing

Sometimes, when you know you’re ready to walk away from a project, it centers your creative faculties in a way that propels the project to its artistic zenith. This is exactly what Finland’s Cosmic Church has accomplished on its final album, Täyttymys. I’d run into the project before in my frequent journeys through the internet

Watch: Shylmagoghnar – ‘As All Must Come To Pass’

Shylmagoghnar play black metal of the nature-loving variety. Their new song, “As All Must Come To Pass,” is incredibly atmospheric, taking the long route to a powerful finish rather than flying out of the gate. Their greatest strength is the progressive melodies, inspired by melodic death metal guitar playing, that live beneath the walls of atmosphere,

YOB Grace the Cover of July’s Decibel

Doom disciples YOB are back from the brink with their latest album Our Raw Heart. Decibel caught up with the Oregonian trio to get the inside story on frontman Mike Scheidt’s brush with death and his healing process via the group’s whirlwind recording. Combined with an exclusive new flexi disc song from Amorphis and an induction of Exhorder‘s Slaughter in the Vatican to our Hall of Fame,

Demo:listen: Icon Of Curse

Icon Of Curse released their three track demo about a month ago through Bandcamp. Titled Emanation of Hex, this demo is a clamorous journey down blind corridors whose portals reveal themselves only to those who submit to and can withstand the droning death-call that is Icon Of Curse. Emanation of Hex by Icon of Curse Speaking on how

Watch: Runescarred – ‘This is Mine’

Rising from the ashes of Dead Earth Politics, one of Texas’ best-kept secrets, comes Runescarred. Charging forward with a sense of heavy metal swagger, the quartet are the full package: soaring, progressive melodies; galloping riffs; a singer who can actually sing and all-around tight musicianship. Their first music video is for the single “This is Mine,”

Track Premiere: Deathgrave – ‘This is What You Get Pt. 1’

This is real and this is now: Deathgrinders Deathgrave are streaming a furious new song from their new album, So Real, It’s Now. Straightforward and quick, “This is What You Get” has an energetic punk edge that’s met by distorted riffs and throat-tearing vocals. Oh, and it’s got plenty of blood and guts. “Eminent death is brewing within this

Hall of Fame Countdown: Paradise Lost’s “Icon”

Some bands are so good they get into our hallowed Hall of Fame more than once, because they’ve released more than one album that is that good, that timeless, that majestic. Paradise Lost are most certainly one of those bands. Their early-era masterpiece Gothic was first into our Hall, and we inducted their 1993 sound-shifting work

Full EP Stream: Aghasura – “Revelations”

Aghasura pack a lot into a short amount of time on Revelations, their new EP. Sewing together brutality, technicality and disgusting vocals, the six tracks (most of which don’t make it past three minutes) that make Revelations are a hot start for the young band. Songs like “The Forecast Engine,” though less than a minute-and-a-half, jump from bludgeoning riff

Bringing Metal Tourism From America to Japan

Matt Ketchum, the founder of Japan-based English-language metal resource Kaala, has a wake-up call for those enjoying Netflix’s ‘Aggretsuko’. Like many Netflix subscribers, I’ve been taken in by the animated series with a penchant for power violence. Its story revolves around Retsuko, a red panda who is put down by her sexist boss and blows

Full Album Stream: Black Book Lodge – “Steeple and Spire”

Drawing comparisons to both Mastodon and Muse isn’t typical of the bands featured in Decibel, but this sentence isn’t the first time Black Book Lodge have received those comparisons. On their new album Steeple and Spire, the Danish group simultaneously pull from melodic rock sensibilities as well as anthemic progressive metal. Songs like “In Halves” showcase the best of

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