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June 4, 2020


Track Premiere: Oubliette – ‘The Curse’

American black metallers Oubliette have been making melodic black metal since 2011, though their new album The Passage is only their second album. That’s not exactly surprising when considering that among their ranks, Oubliette count members of tech death wizards Inferi, plus Enfold Darkness, Chaos Moon and others. On The Passage, Oubliette make it clear that they can stand out

Q&A: Franck Hueso (Carpenter Brut) Slashes Synthwave Convention

There’s nothing like France’s Carpenter Brut. Not in metal, rock, or pop. The group, formed solely around producer Franck Hueso, is a nostalgic nod to halcyon (aka violent) times as the late ’70s fucked the early ’80s with reckless abandon. With fellow French musicians Adrien Grousset [guitars] and Florent Marcadet [drums] — both from tech-metal

Pantera Drummer Vinnie Paul Dead at 54

Vinnie Paul, the drummer and co-founder of groove metal titans Pantera, died yesterday at 54, the band confirmed in a statement. “Vincent Paul Abbott aka Vinnie Paul has passed away,” Pantera posted on their official Facebook page. “Paul is best known for his work as the drummer in the bands Pantera and Hellyeah. No further details

For Those About to Squawk: Immortal, Bookakee, Abscess

You know, my least favorite part of pecking this blog out is trying to think of some witty birdshit to say here in the beginning… so, like, I’m going to review some stuff for you… cool? Immortal ousted frontman/guitar player Abbath some time ago and Northern Chaos Gods will mark the first album without him. This

Video Premiere: Frayle – “Let the Darkness In”

Frayle‘s take on doom is hypnotic. Instrumentally pulling inspiration from acts like Sleep, Kyuss and Chelsea Wolfe, singer Gwyn Strang adds vocals that seamlessly blend into Frayle’s music without ever leaving the foreground. The song “Let the Darkness In,” with a new video we’re debuting today, is heavy, dark and haunting, matched with equally dark video.

Khemmis Drummer/TRVE Head Brewer Zach Coleman Picks His Favorite Beers from the Decibel Tour

Desolation, the third full-length from rising doom superstars Khemmis, is officially released today. There’s no question that it’s an excellent album, expanding upon every element of 2016’s Hunted, placing it among the best records to be released this year. Of course, Decibel readers are already very familiar with Khemmis, who nabbed our Album of the Year honor in 2016,

Svartmálmur: A Saga of Icelandic Black Metal

In the last 10 years, even as the fortunes of the print industry has come under increased pressure, books about metal have flourished as eager readers have (hammer) smashed their faces into tomes of darkness and extremity. (Many of these fine books are available through Decibel, by the way.) This has progressed from books covering

Video Premiere: Depths of Hatred – ‘An Infidel’s Desecent’

Canadian tech death outfit Depths of Hatred announced their new EP Bloodguilt in May, along with the news that vocalist Nico Monette would take over for longtime vocalist Dominic D.D. Decibel partnered with Depths of Hatred to premiere the second song on Bloodguilt, titled “An Infidel’s Descent.” Monette has the opportunity to show off his vocal range on “An Infidel’s Descent,” trading off

Demo:listen: Nomad

Nomad’s six track self-titled demo proclaims the enduring potency of 90s black metal. The heart of this demo burns with satanic ambition, and hellish inspiration courses every riff. Nomad by Nomad Says Nomad: “It took quite a few attempts and several months to find my sound. The current Nomad sound that appears on the demo

Video Premiere: Forming the Void – ‘On We Sail’

Progressive doom crew Forming the Void will release their new album, On We Sail, on August 17 via Kozmik Artifactz. Their third full-length, it contains some of their most potent riffs and best-written songs to date. Don’t believe us? Watch the new video for title track “On We Sail” below; if foggy forests, robed figures and crushing cans

No Corporate Beer: Tequila Barrel Lime Gose

This is No Corporate Beer, Decibel’s semi-new beer-spotting, consumer guide where we drink a beer and then review it. Now that we’ve accomplished the drinking part of the equation, we present the review part below.  Beer: Tequila Barrel Lime Gose Brewery: Boulevard Brewing Co (Kansas City, MO) Style: Sour – Gose 4.2% ABV / 11 IBU This

EP Stream: Staghorn’s Wormwood III

I was going to introduce Staghorn and its forthcoming release, Wormwood III with my usual brand of snark and wiseassery, but in combing through the information provided about the band, I figured it would be best to let their own bio do the talking so nothing got overlooked in my usual attempts to be a

Premiere & Interview: Sulaco – ‘Disguise’

Off-kilter grind unit Sulaco should be a household name, or at least one known throughout the underground, by now. Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Erik Burke (Nuclear Assault, Blurring, ex-Brutal Truth, ex-Napalm Death live), they’ve been around for the last 15 years, releasing last album Build & Burn in 2011. The wait for new music ends now, however; Sulaco’s new EP The

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