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December 18, 2017


Full Album Stream: Dreadful Fate “The Sin of Sodom”

Merciless left us in 2002 with its self-titled rager. Hypnosia left us in 2000 with Extreme Hatred. And thankfully Nifelheim are still with us, thrashing ’til death on 2014’s Satanatas EP. So, it stands to reason that Sweden’s Dreadful Fate would come out riffs blazin’, solos wailin’, and hatred spewin’ on debut EP, The Sin

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs A Requirement At FOO FIGHTERS Shows

According to The Pulse Of Radio, organizers of a FOO FIGHTERS concert last Saturday (December 9) in Billings, Montana scrambled at the last minute to find a bomb-sniffing dog as per the band’s security requirements. Local TV station KTVQ reported that a local dog group fell through and the arena staff made calls nationwide, eventually

Kingdoms Disdained – MORBID ANGEL

The seemingly commercialized industrial metal abomination that was “Illud Divinum Insanus” stands as one of metal history’s most notorious left turns and blunders that a band has made. It’s MORBID ANGEL‘s “Cold Lake”. The genre-leading band that was once steeped in occultism and anti-Christian thought before morphing toward mainman Trey Azagthoth‘s obsession with ancient Sumerian

For the Demented – ANNIHILATOR

Jeff Waters is in both a wonderful and awkward spot in his prolific career. He’s creative control as the primary force behind a legendary metal moniker that stands for two different things: the entity itself and the conductor operating it mostly on his own like a thrasher’s Lionel set. Now, if you peel open the


We’re not going to start this review with the unnecessary “us vs. them” preamble. Max and Igor Cavalera are one hundred percent at peace, as brothers and artists, and with their trusted sidearm, Marc Rizzo, IMO one of the greatest guitarists on the planet still failing to be suitably glorified, the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY has already

The Dusk in Us – CONVERGE

CONVERGE isn’t just any band. It has helped expand heavy music’s boundaries since the late nineties. The band’s characteristic belligerence remains on “The Dusk in Us”, but it’s as restrained as you’d expect from a hardened inmate who has successfully done time and is prepared for re-integration into society. In other words, it isn’t too

Wizard Bloody Wizard – ELECTRIC WIZARD

ELECTRIC WIZARD is unquestionably one of modern doom’s most influential acts. Decades after its inception, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Dorset, England-based band has been morphing into a stripped-down psychedelic and horror-fueled seventies-styled rock band. The seeds were planted with 2007’s “Witchcult Today”. In spite of this increasingly obvious direction, 2014’s “Time to Die”

Fatal Command – PÄNZER

Schmier‘s a busy fella these days. Following DESTRUCTION‘s outstanding Under Attack” from last year, the legendary thrash band is about to uncork another batch of re-recordings from its vault with “Thrash Anthems II”. Meanwhile, Schmier‘s other band, PÄNZER, may be suffering the departure of ACCEPT and VICTORY icon, Herman Frank, but that’s not stopping him

The Sin and the Sentence – TRIVIUM

Every time I come across a new TRIVIUM album across my desk for review, I smile greater than I do with many others. I tell the story frequently and it’s merely for my own kick since the band did it all on their own and then some. Yet I called it in the parking lot

EKTOMORF Loses Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer; New Lineup Revealed

Hungarian metallers EKTOMORF have parted ways with Tamás Schrottner (guitar), Szabolcs Murvai (bass) and Róbert Jaksa (drums) due to “personal differences” and have replaced them with Szebasztián Simon, Attila Asztalos and Dániel Szabó, respectively. EKTOMORF guitarist/vocalist Zoltán Farkas states: “After many years of touring and playing together, Tomi, Robi and Szabi decided to leave the

KAMELOT Bassist's SAULT To Release 'Seeds Of Power' Album In March

Rhythm-driven heavy rock band SAULT — featuring members of internationally acclaimed power metal group KAMELOT and groove metal outfit ARCANIUM, and guest appearances by members of KING DIAMOND, ONE EYED DOLL and more — will release its debut full-length album, “Seeds Of Power”, on March 2, 2018. Pre-orders are now available via www.saultband.com/shop. SAULT originally

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