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May 25, 2020

Beyond Forgiveness interview

  • Hi! Give a brief history of Beyond Forgiveness, music style, and members.

The band’s origin started over 10 years ago as a female-fronted metal band, but it was not symphonic at that time.  We had a different singer, drummer, and bass player at the time. The band was together for a few years, and then went on a hiatus for a few years. Richard and Greg reformed the band as a symphonic metal band in 2014, as a studio project initially, but soon began performing live and touring due to the positive response to the first EP, The Ferryman’s Shore.  This recording included vocalist and keyboardist Talia Hoit and drummer Mike Bulach.  Not long after the EP was released, the lineup changed with Sean Rogers taking over the drummer position.  We released the first full-length album, the Great Wall in November 2017.  The following year, we added our bass player Jim Lasselle, and began writing our newest release, Live to Tell the Story.

  • Give in more detail, some information about Live To Tell The Story and how well it sells?

We wrote this album around the theme of mythological and other types of stories that are metaphors of experiences we might have in life.  We’ve had a great response to the new album so far.  We took a special pre-release version of the album on our tour this past summer, which also contained a portion of our EP as well.  This disc sold very well at our shows on tour.  We are seeing a good response online as well, and want to encourage everyone to visit the Sliptrick Records online store to get a copy!

  • Beyond Forgiveness has signed with Sliptrick records, tell more about that?

We became connected with Sliptrick at the very early stages of writing this album.  Our fans are located all around the world, so it was very important to us to have a relationship with a label who could help us make this album available to all our fans through worldwide distribution.  The label has been very supportive of us through this release, and also helped us accomplish our summer tour!

  • What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

We really feel like each recording has been a successively better accomplishment for us. In the earlier recordings, some of the songs were a fulfillment of music that had begun in the original iteration of the band, but in the newest album, all of the music was brand new compositions, and everyone in the band participated in the writing.

In the EP, the symphonic orchestration was composed as if for an orchestra to perform, with each instrument’s part individually in the score.  We departed from that in our first full-length album, and approached it more from a keyboard player’s perspective.  But in this latest release, we returned to the full orchestral scoring process, and Talia composed each individual instruments’ parts into a full score, with the same orchestra across the entire album.

Greg also experimented with new guitar techniques on the new album, that hadn’t been a part of the previous recordings.  In addition, he explored a lot more guitar solo work in the new album.  Jim really added a lot to the sound as well when he joined the band.  The previous albums’ bass tracks were recorded by our guitarists, but in this new album, Jim really brings a new energy to the low end.

  • What inspires Beyond Forgiveness music and lyric writing? What does Beyond Forgiveness lyrics talk about?

Talia writes a lot of the lyrics, and Rich also contributes to the lyrics as well.  Each song is about a different theme.  Sometimes they are more personal lyrics about experiences or feelings, and sometimes they are based around metaphors and stories.  Rich will write about feelings and real-life stuff.  He has a lot of influences and for the music, he tries to write very rhythmically.  Sean likes folkish elements, and tries to bring in a tribal feel to his drumming.  Greg is inspired by whatever he feels at the time, and will often hear a riff in his head that he works to develop.  Jim likes to bring ideas and build on them collaboratively with other people.   Talia writes the symphonic orchestration and keyboards, and tries to create the dramatic feel to complement what the song is about.

  • Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

We try to play shows regionally a few times a month, when we’re not in the studio recording, and we usually will take a couple weeks to tour.  We really enjoy the shows abroad because we end up meeting a lot of really interesting people and other bands from all over the world.  Everybody loves touring.

  • How often do the band practice and work on new material?

We practice 2-3 times a week, and when we compose new material, we will spend time individually writing parts in addition to working on the new songs together.

  • How did the band come up with the name Beyond Forgiveness and tell what does it means for you?

Rich saw the song title called Beyond Forgiveness by the band Eternal Oath, and it resonated with what he was writing songs about at the time.  He thought it would be a good band name.

  • What does the band plan on doing in the near time?

We are currently performing live shows and marketing our new album.  We are also working on plans for some new videos, and another upcoming tour next year.  Of course, we are always working on new musical ideas also, so there will definitely be even more new songs coming in the future!

  • Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

Thanks for reading this article! We hope you will check out our band, and get a copy of the new album! Also be sure to follow us on the different social media platforms and add us to your Spotify playlists.  We would love to hear from you, so please send us a message through our website, Facebook or twitter!

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