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June 2, 2020

interview Frust

Hail, welcome to Sick And Destroy. Before we start the interview, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers. To begin with where are you from and a brief history about your band? 

Hi, and thank you for having me on your zine. I am Mario from the Solo-Project Frust, located in Austria. I’ve founded Frust in early 2018, since then I am making music like non-stop.

How would you describe your music? And what bands have influenced you the most? 

This is by far the hardest question because Frust really doesn’t fit in a genre, I guess. I´ve started with some kind of blackened Post Metal, mostly instrumental, followed by some tracks I’ve got named by fans and press as “Horror Core”, “Horror Metal”.
I personally would say I am creating music mixed from a lot of influences that start from Rock to New Wave over Thrash, Black, some Folk, some electronic stuff, sometimes with “Post” added to the named genres. To name some bands, “The Cure” influenced me as well as “Sepultura”, “Death”, or “Darkthrone”, “Heretoir” or “Björk”, I’ve a really big collections of Cds, Vinyls and MP3s i started collection when I was only 10 years old and spent 100% of my first loans into music for years haha, i am pretty open to a lot of subgenres of Metal and started to be also open to some “handpicked” other genres over the last 20 years, and i think you can hear that on my records.

How many and which albums/demos has Frust released so far?

For the moment there is my 4-track Debut-EP “Elements”, released in June 2018, and my full-length Debut “Recurring Dreams” released in April 2019, plus a digital single called “The Feast” from the upcoming Album “The Advent of Adhara” which I am aiming for early 2020.

Which ones happens to be your favourite songs? of Frust and personal.

They´re changing, I’ve listen to my songs a lot, as you can imagine, while working on it, i am also doing the mixing, mastering, and all the stuff by myself. But also afterward, I was presenting the album at watch parties in my favorite Facebook groups for weeks. But if i had to decide today it may be “Earth” followed by “Frei I’m Traum” and “Call of Madness”.

Do you feel that Frust’s music has changed over the years and how? 

It has, even there was only not even a year between the first two records and the same time between “Recurring Dreams” and “The Advent of Adhara”. It got less blackish I guess, not even intentional, it just went into another direction, you can still hear some of that influences on the coming album too, but they were much stronger on the EP. What I still do the same is, that I don’t care about genres much, I’ve also kept the songs on the new record very versatile. I know that some people are irritated by that, but this 90% on purpose, I am recording songs ín different moods for sure, and as long they still fit into my personal understanding of what “Frust” should be or sound like, they will be on the record, Black Metal, Ambient, or some Post-Rock with even classical parts.

How much time does it take for Frust to record an album? 

Well, as I am recording at my (very) little Homestudio all by myself, I don’t have the pressure to record one song by another in like two weeks. My recording/rehearsal-process sometimes is exactly the same – I am trying out some riffs on a guitar or bass or synth melodies on my keyboard, and if it turns out that I like it and want to work on it, maybe a new song is born, and I´ll start recording it on the fly and work on it. Some songs took me only 5-6 hours to complete them, others took me a week, two, or a month.  Like I said earlier I haven’t stopped recording since I’ve made the first Frust-Song in Winter 2018.

Tell us something more about “Recurring Dreams”. 

Well, it is a very private album in some ways, even it hasn’t much lyrics on it, it tells about my own “Recurring Dreams” or fears. I am suffering from an anxiety disorder for almost 20 years now, and it is almost gone luckily, I can live an 80% normal life again these days. I wanted to create atmospheres on the album, that is similar to having a panic attack or feeling anxienty. I’ve tried to create also the sound on some songs like I hear things then, like a little bit dull, voices and sounds that going louder and louder, chaotic sometimes, raw, starting slow, getting faster and faster. But in almost each song there is always hope, a light beam, a melancholic feeling that warms your heart, that’s important to me, it must not be a happy end, but you know, I don’t want to be that depressed sounding project that hates everything and must cry out their wrath nonstop, that isn’t me. It is well balanced I guess, a melancholic gray with some peaking lights and darks.

What’s next? Working on any new album? If so, some details please. 

Yeah, “The Advent of Adhara” will be out in early 2020, aiming for February/March…maybe April. It has that light/dark sides again, personally I think it is a bit lighter and brighter, but I haven’t written all songs by now, I want to add 2-3 more. As far as I can say it has a bit more of post-rock, a small touch of industrial, more vocals on it like in the past, but also some instrumental songs, tending to be more blackish post-metal again. I am planning to have around 10 to 12 songs on it, as a bonus some maybe in two versions because my prelisteners liked both versions of two songs, and I can´t decide by myself either.

Any tours, gigs for promotion of latest album? 

No, I am not touring or playing gigs for the moment.

Any future plans for playing in Europe or USA? 

Nope, sorry

Has Frust done any opening acts for other major heavyweight bands? If yes, then when and where? 

Also not.

What do you feel about the Metal Scene there in your country? 

As we Austrians are only 8,5 Million or close to 9 these days and have only one city with a population of over one million. Citizens isn’t easy to reach out, outside of the cities. On the other hand, we have a lot of great bands like “Harakiri for the Sky”, “Summoning”, “Belphegor”, “The Sorrow”, “Abigor”, “Pungent Stench” or their later “Hollenthon”-Band, “Dornenreich”, “Ellende”. I live on the countryside, not that far away from bigger cities, it never was a problem going to concerts, I was on countless, I was lucky that I had a location only a half-hour away from my home that had a lot of big bands playing in the 90ies and 00s, and also a local-hero night like every week. I am sure you can find those locations today, that one I was, they´re unfortunately booking mostly blues and jazz these days, but some metal acts like “Sepultura” were there just a year ago. So the scene my not be the biggest, but it´s quiet active, especially on the internet too, there great magazines and groups around the Austrian metal scene.

Any messages for the readers?

Thank you for reading and your time. I would be glad having you visiting my facebook, Bandcamp, youtube, or whatever page and listening to my songs.
Thank you for having me on your magazin again.

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