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February 21, 2020

Interview with Carlo of Sliptrick Records

Hello! Please introduce yourself.

Carlo here, part of Sliptrick Records since 2007. I got in with a management position, then acquired shares after a few years and now handling the operation as CEO.

When did you start with Sliptrick records? And why you decide to create your own label?

It all begun in 2007, I was tired of being constantly on the road (as a tour manager) and got hired at Sliptrick Records the same day I did quit the tour manager job. From then on, the label grew, and I grew with the label up until now, where I hold the position of Chairman of Board/CEO. There was no real decision behind the label at the beginning, we can say the label was already there and needed to be shaped up. That is pretty much what we did for at least the first 10 years, building up a worldwide distribution network, keeping up with both the digital and physical releases (yes, CD’s are still selling) and putting together awesome individuals to create a staff able to handle all the necessities of the artists, from fixing a flat tire to booking a worldwide tour to present the newest album (and everything in between).

How huge is your roster right now? I see you have many releases!

We are currently working with 461 artists, of which 24% are studio projects or non-live bands.

How many are people involved in Sliptrick records now? I would not believe if you tell me that you are the only person behind the label with such activity.

15 people of full-time staff, and an army of committed freelancers and part-time staffers we hire on a project basis or for a time-limited option.

Can you say Sliptrick records is your only work so far? I.e. if you working on the label only, and without regular job?

That’s my only thing, overtime I have developed side operations with other business partners, yet none is music-related.

Do you like to communicate with your bands? I mean if you have some friendly attitudes, beer parties and etc 😉

I personally (or the person in charge) deal/s with the artists or the media partners on daily basis, and as much as we try to keep up the performance to a strictly professional level, I can’t deny there were and still are some wild parties every now and then.

I got all your stuff from Grand Sounds, but do you have some own ways of promotion releases?

We use every traditional and non-traditional method to promote, all promotion is good promotion no matter what!

What is Sliptrick records’ genres policy?

It needs to be good, heartfelt and stunning! As we work mostly with debuting artists, we consider ourselves lucky to have access to such a wide selection of enthusiastic musicians.

Can you name some of your favorite bands? Would you like to release some of them on your own label?

Way too many to mention!!

Do you have any huge plans for the future with Sliptrick records? What’s your aim with the label at all?

Right now we working on expanding the label footprint, and moving onto a new phase to widen the distribution that will kick in in 2020.

Thank you for your time! / Lukasz

Thank you for your interest in our job Lukasz!


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