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November 18, 2019

BUCKCHERRY Frontman: 'Being Unforgettable Live Is Definitely Something I Think About Every Night'

In an interview with Australia’s Keen Eye 4 Concerts, BUCKCHERRY frontman Josh Todd explained what his band does to separate itself from the ever-growing throng of rock and metal bands competing for attention.

“First and foremost, you gotta have great songs,” he said (audio below). “We’ve written some good songs over the years, and songs that stand the test of time. So that’s first and foremost. Then being unforgettable live is definitely something I think about every night. I want to be something that you don’t forget. Hopefully that’s going on for a lot of people. We have a lot of, I like to call them ‘frequent flyers,’ a lot of repeat customers, people who come to multiple shows, so we got a great fanbase and been doing this for 20 years now. I’m really grateful.”

Todd then went on to discuss the band’s latest studio album, “Warpaint”, which has spawned the singles “Bent” and “Right Now”. “We just worked really hard on this record,” he said. “It had been three years since our last record and it’s very reminiscent of what was going on with the band before ’15’. We had lineup changes and it had been three years since our last record, so we kind of felt that pressure as well. We work really well under pressure, we always come up with our best stuff. ‘Warpaint’ is by far one of the best BUCKCHERRY records we’ve written.”

“Warpaint” was released in March via Century Media/RED Music. The 12-song disc, featuring 11 new BUCKCHERRY songs along with a cover of the NINE INCH NAILS classic “Head Like A Hole”, was produced by Mike Plotnikoff, whose last collaboration with the band was the platinum-certified album “15”.

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