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June 2, 2020

Homicide Hagridden entered studio, recording new album

Italy’s thrashers Homicide Hagridden entered the studio and started writing the pieces that will make up their new album, the successor of“Effect Lucifero” released for The Goatmancer records in 2018. The band will record as usual with Stefano Moda (producer/drummer) to the console at the Orion recordings studio. For now the title of the album is not known, but it will be full of surprises even if the line will have the typical imprint held so far: what transpires, for now, is the theme. “The curse” intended as a cause of the disasters of our day.Homicide Hagridden will complete the recordings in order to publish the work at the beginning of 2020. The CD will be the first, with guitarist Chris Perosino in line-up.


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