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June 18, 2019

Interview TetraFuze

Hail, welcome to Sick And Destroy. Before we start the interview, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers. To begin with where are you from and a brief history about your band?

Hello, I’m Landon from TetraFuze and we are from Lawrence, Kansas. We are just four friends who decided to record an album that pushed us to tour and gain a little following along the way.

How would you describe your music? And what bands have influenced you the most?

Our music can be heavier with a hard-hitting rhythm, and it can also be very melodic, soft, and occasionally have layers of ambience. Our main influences include Stone Sour, Muse, Breaking Benjamin, and Tool.

How many and which albums/demos has TETRAFUZE released so far?

We have one album released on digital platforms as well as one single.

Which ones happens to be your favorite songs? of TETRAFUZE and personal.

My personal favorite of ours is Personal Purgatory because of the layers of harmonies that build off of each other, and the more melodic approach it has compared to most of our music. My favorite song from anyone at this moment has to be “Around the Fur” by Deftones for it’s hard hitting yet catchy chorus.

Do you feel that TETRAFUZE’s music has changed over the years and how?

It has gotten more complex with more vocal harmonies and more melodies on bass. The heavier songs have a more aggressive feel to them compared to our previous works.

How much time does it take for TETRAFUZE to record an album?

The recording process doesn’t take too long. Usually a span of two or three weeks. What really takes long is developing our songs to the point of our satisfaction, which usually takes around 6 months.

Tell us something more about the coming album Welcome Home?

It is themed around the story of a former soldier during the darkest period of his life. The music is very diverse, and includes some metal, soft rock, hard rock, and even a little blues.

What’s next? Working on any new album? If so, some details, please.

We are in the final stages of making our second full length album. We’ve been working on it since the end of the tour last January, and we already released our first single off of it named “Personal Purgatory” and have plans to release at least two more singles prior to releasing the album. We are looking to release it in early summer, but nothing is certain.

Any tours, gigs for the promotion of latest album?

We do have plans for a 7 week U.S. tour with over 40 shows across the country to promote both the physical release of Welcome Home and our new album that is still in the works.

Any future plans for playing in Europe?

We would like to do a European tour summer of 2020, however, nothing is for certain and a lot has to happen before we look to go through with something like that.

Has TETRAFUZE done any opening acts for other major heavyweight bands? If yes, then when and where?

No major bands as of yet. Some notables are Sweet Ascent in November of 2018 in Lawrence, and Hammerhedd in January of 2019 in Kansas City.

What do you feel about the Metal Scene there in your part of USA?

The metal scene here is not very big. There are just too many artists of other genres and very few venues around this area that cater too all music. So getting booked more than once every 6 months can be a challenge. That is why we don’t play more local shows. It’s honestly easier to play out of state.

Any messages for the readers?

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed, and go check out our newest single “Personal Purgatory” on all major streaming platforms.

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