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June 18, 2019

Interview Numenor

Hi, Numenor. “Chronicles From the Realms Beyond” released last year. You must be still excited?
Yes, indeed it’s quite active within the ranks of Numenor. During January and February we received a new version of our third full-length “Chronicles From the Realms Beyond”  and Stormspell Records Anniversary compilation CD where Numenor also appeared with cover of Blind Guardian’s Valhalla.
Moreover, just in this particular moment I am packing still more CDs to ship worldwide and we are constantly receiving new reviews and interviews offers.
First of all, we would like to know about the formation of the band. When and how was it formed? Do you think the band name ‘Numenor’ perfectly describes your music and philosophy?
In a way yes, but that name comes from an earlier stage when the band was still in the forming so to say and the first ideas were still somewhere hidden. It’s hard to say when exactly the band was formed but I guess the right time was around 2010 when Srdjan (guitarist and the only remain song-writer) gave the idea to join our forces. So, from then until now, we are core and heart of the band.
Okay now tell us something about “Chronicles From the Realms Beyond”, and the lyrical themes behind each track. What are the ideas you wanted to put across?
Well, it will be hard to go though each track but let’s say that we are mostly inspired by Tolkien on this record. There are some tracks based on Michael Moorcock’s stories like ”The Last of the Dragonlords” or ”Lords of Chaos”. ”Witching Hour” also stands to be quite independent from any major topics and musical influences.
Where and when did you record “Chronicles From the Realms Beyond”? Are you satisfied with it?
When it comes to this new version of the album it was recorded and written during 2018, March and April, if I remember well, while the first part of the original material was recorded in the fall of 2016 and in the first part of 2017.
Yes, of course, we are very satisfied we think that this is our the most mature record thus far especially since we have for the very first time used the real-played drums so the songs are now sounding far more dynamic and aggressive.
Are you gonna to release some official band merch?
Well, I am just thinking about to to print out a new set of t-shirts. I guess that I will do that during May as soon as I find more time to print them.
What are Numenor’s musical and non-musical influences?
When it comes to music we could name now first good-old Iron Maiden, but at the very beginnings there were obvious influences from other bands as well like Rhapsody or Bal-sagoth, or even Summoning. Lyrically, I think that I am more influenced by Summoning or Blind Guardian, even Morgana Lefay or Crimson Glory . Also, now besides Maiden there are obvious influences from Norwegian more avantgarde (black) metal bands like Arcturus, Covenant, old Man’s Child, or even Emperor and there are moments from melodic death scene from Sweden.
When it comes to lyrical influences there are different one from writers like Tolkien or Moorcock, but there are also influences from some older tales and legends especially from west and northern Europe, but I guess that all these tales are somehow incorporated in Tolkien’s novels.
Could you please express your personal views on religion and god?
I don’t believe in any god, neither I am part of any organized religion, and I am not even baptized. I was always fascinated by some of these older religions with various gods, so to say, like Odhinnism, since it has a sort of fatality within and I like the older stories from the north, but on the other hand, this is quite natural since when you see me you just imminently know from where my ancestors once came from.
Shall we expect some gigs across USA or Europe near time?
Well, since we started Numenor only as side-project at that time (2010-2011) we never though to have any offers to perform live. And, as the band has become more and more known, there are some offers, here and there, but yet not enough serious ones. There’s one offer for one live show in one of TV shows here, and I guess that it could be the debut live shows and that the others could follow in the future to come.
When shall fans to expect something new from you? Videoclip, single, documentary etc?
Well, very soon, since we are just in the studio and we are recording a new album ( ”Draconian Age”). We have already recorded 4 songs, and I guess that we will publish a new song and a video during May.
We were also right now thinking about documentary as well. This could be very interesting idea.
Thanks a lot for the interview. Speak out to your fans, supporters, critics and our readers before we wrap up!
I would like to send greetings and thanks to all our die-hard fans and supporters all across this world (and another:) )  since there are some people who are already quite devoted to Numenor and it seems that they understand our music and background stories indeed well!
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