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August 22, 2019


Answered by Sebastián Silva, Vocalist

Hi! Give a brief history of DESIRE OF PAIN, music style, and the members.

Hello friends of Sick and Destroy Magazine, here Sebastián Silva, vocalist and guitarist of the band. The band begins in 2007 in Santiago de Chile. Since then we have released an EP: “Ashes Of Darkness” and 2 LP: “Fragments Of A Crystallized Absence” (2010) and “Immensity” (2018). The band members are Marcelo Fuenzalida (Guitars / Musical arrangements), Alejandro Vásquez (Drums / Musical arrangements) and Misael Towers (Bass / Music arrangement) and me, Sebastián Silva (Vocal / Guitars / Composing),

Give in more detail, some information about “Immensity” and how well it sells so far?

Immensity was created as a conceptual disc. Unlike the previous material, this album is quite introspective, spiritual and positive due to a personal process of changes that I experienced.  I wanted to capture this process of change in a main concept: music, letters and art. The argument of the disc speaks about being reborn. Let that erratic person die to be reborn as a new human. However, I’m not talking about losing the essence that shaped us, but rather looking to reflect on what is decisive and necessary to be reborn. I sought to express in the music the constant improvement of oneself.  The concept of the album is divided into three main moments: “Ascension”, “Vertigo” and “Aeon”. It is a journey from the beginning to the end, which for me represents raising your arms and launching yourself into the immensity.
The sales of this album have been good. We made a promotional pack (CD + T-shirt) with very convenient price that has had good sales but in Chile, the metal genre is not as massive as other styles, so sales are slower. In addition, currently the digital market (Spotify, iTunes). has lowered the sales of CDs in the world, however, we have had good results in sales.

DESIRE OF PAIN has signed with Australis records, tell more about that?

Since 2010 we have worked with this label, and it has been an excellent experience.
Australis is a Chilean label, what has allowed a good management and contacts in the local circuit. As a record label, they have always released professional material with excellent quality.  The work of australis is perfectly adapted to the idea that the musician has about his art. When we decided to launch Immensity, they were our first choice. We are grateful for their constant support.

What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?

There are many differences and changes. The music and lyrics changed a lot:  has been 8 years since the previous material. This time implies growth, new emotions, tastes and life experiences. These changes, good or not, change you and your music.
Our first album is much darker / depressive in lyrics and the music was more technical, while in Immensity the lyrics have an emotive and spiritual sense.  Musically speaking it is closer to the Post Metal genre.

What inspires DESIRE OF PAIN music and lyric writing? What does DESIRE OF PAIN lyrics talk about?

The lyrics are based on life experiences, happy and difficult moments, and also, moments that change your life from childhood, adolescence and adult life. Musically speaking, the influences of the first album were bands like Enslaved, Meshuggah, Katatonia, Opeth y Gojira, Bloodbath. The influences of Immensity are quite different: Lantlos, Slipknot, ZETA, Tesseract, Radiohead, Hanz Zimmer (synth influence) and a lot of post black metal.

Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?

Yes, we have a lot of live shows. It is one of the reasons for making music mostly because live performances fill your soul. Being able to play your music loud and live is liberating for us. One of our next goals is leaving Chile to play our music on a tour. There is a large audience that likes our style outside our contry. As I said before, Chile hasn`t a massive metal scene, and that´s why we hope to reach new public were our music is more appreciated (USA or Europe).

How often does the band practice and work on new material?

As a band we worked quite often, in fact when we released our first album, I had already created some riffs for Ascension and the Aeon chords.The reason for the delay between each album was the change of members. After releasing our first album, we had many live performances and slowly all the members left, leaving me alone in the band. This meant a fairly slow progress in the new compositions and it was like a double job: find members with a good level, teach them the previous music and also create new material. It was there when I decided to pause the band until I found the right musicians.

How did the band come up with the name DESIRE OF PAIN and tell what does it means for you?

Desire Of Pain is a metaphorical meaning of life. It means that in spite of knowing what decisions we should make, many times we opt for easy or incorrect exit, resulting in negative situations that make us feel pain, frustration and grief.  However, voluntarily or not, this responds to a personal decision: the desire to feel pain.

What does the band plan on doing in near time?

Soon we will be playing live in our city and in the regions of our country to close the “Immensity year” that started in July of last year (release date). We hope to perform a closing show, playing the full album, inviting musicians and also hopefully recording a video clip. Speaking of the new material, I am already composing new ideas for a new material. I hope to create 1 or 2 singles that will be a presentation of our third album. Finally we are looking for be able to travel outside Chile in a tour to other countries, however we don´t know where will be (hopefully Europe).

Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?

First of all we want to thank the interest towards us and our music with this interview, We hope that our music will please all those who read us and that they know that we are working hard to be able to go to their countries to meet them and introduce ourselves with our show. We send you a big hug from “the end of the world” and we invite you to follow us on our social networks (Facebook / Instagram) and listen to our music on digital platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube, Itunes, Deezer etc. Stay metal!