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April 4, 2020

SACRED REICH Recruits Drummer TIM RADZIWILL As Temporary Replacement For GREG HALL

Arizona thrash metal veterans SACRED REICH have recruited drummer Tim Radziwill as the temporary replacement for Greg Hall.

Hall announced his departure from SACRED REICH in January, explaining in a statement that he was fired “rather abruptly and by phone.”

According to SACRED REICH frontman Phil Rind, Radziwill “has been playing drums on the demos” for the band’s upcoming album and he is “filling in” for the group’s appearance at Mexico’s ForceFest in early October.

This past January, it was announced that SACRED REICH had signed a new deal with Metal Blade Records. They are writing material for what will be their sixth album and first since 1996’s “Heal” for a tentative early 2019 release.

Since its 1985 inception, SACRED REICH has become one of the most revered thrash bands and has continued to carry the torch with European tours, festival appearances, its first U.S. tour in over 20 years, plus its 2012 “Live At Wacken” album. Given SACRED REICH‘s politically conscious material, today’s divisive climate means the band’s views are more relevant and vital than ever.

One of the founding members of SACRED REICH, Hall was in the band from its formation in 1985 until his initial exit in 1991. He was replaced by drummer Dave McClain for the last two SACRED REICH studio albums, 1993’s “Independent” and the aforementioned “Heal”, before Greg rejoined the band for 1997’s live album “Still Ignorant”.

SACRED REICH broke up in 2000 and remained inactive until 2006 when they received offers to perform at European festivals. The have been playing sporadic shows ever since.

Hello friends! We are excited to be returning to Mexico at Forcfest in October! We look forward to playing for the crazy Mexican fans!
See you there!

Posted by Phil Rind on Friday, August 31, 2018

Worked on a new song today. Hope you dig it.

Posted by Sacred Reich on Saturday, June 9, 2018

Metal Monday down in Death Valley! Crank it up!

Posted by Sacred Reich on Monday, July 30, 2018

Thought I'd repost this. I think it's my favorite new tune so far. Divide and Conquer. Enjoy.

Posted by Sacred Reich on Saturday, May 12, 2018

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