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June 3, 2020

GLENN DANZIG Featured In SHUDDER Series 'The Core'

Shudder, the premium streaming service for thriller, suspense, and horror, has released a surprise never-before-seen episode of Shudder original series “The Core” featuring an interview with Glenn Danzig.

Glenn is a singer, songwriter and musician most famous for founding the bands the MISFITS and DANZIG. In the newly released episode, Danzig discusses his creative process, career in music and film, favorite horror movie scenes and his wildly popular erotic comic book series, Verotika.

In “The Core”, host Mickey Keating (“Psychopaths”, “Carnage Park”) and his guests examine the onscreen techniques and real-life psychologies that strike fear into our very core, from a discussion about head explosions to a primer on avoiding predictable jump scares. The result is wildly fun, incredibly informative, and very, very bloody.

Danzig is the second musician to guest on “The Core”, following Steve Ellison (a.k.a. Flying Lotus).

“The Core” episode featuring Danzig can be viewed at this location. (Note: You must be a member in order to view the episode.)
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