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June 5, 2020

DELAIN's CHARLOTTE WESSELS: 'We've Been Trying To Keep Our Productivity High And Release A Lot Of Music'

Dave Schwartz of DaBelly magazine conducted an interview with frontwoman Charlotte Wessels and keyboardist Martijn Westerholt of Dutch symphonic metallers DELAIN prior to their May 6 concert at the Marquee Theater in Phoenix, Arizona as the support act for KAMELOT. You can watch the entire interview below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On the ability for DELAIN to try new things based on the success of their recent albums:

Charlotte: “The pressure! [Laughs] No, it’s good. I think that for the last couple of years, we’ve been trying to keep our productivity high and release a lot of music. I think what it’s done for us, after ‘Moonbathers’, we were really happy with the album and the production and we thought ‘Okay, we are going to do this again. We’re going to take a little bit more time.’ It’s not necessarily the pressure of that album that makes it take longer, but more like a choice for us to say ‘We’re going to do this at our pace.’ And we had a plan of taking it easy, but we’re very bad at that. So, we had the DVD release [‘A Decade Of Delain – Live At Paradiso’] in October and for fall of this year, we’re actually planning a little EP before we actually release the follow-up to ‘Moonbathers’. Despite our best intention, we’ll probably [stay busy].”

On DELAIN typically releasing an EP before a full-length studio album:

Martijn: “It’s what we sense since our fans are asking, ‘When are you going to release new stuff? It’s been so long.’ Then, we are writing new material and we have a lot of live material and just, sometimes have really, really nice material.”

Charlotte: “We’re people pleasers.”

Martijn: “Yeah, let’s release it and make people happy because they’re our boss, kind of. It also helps when you get the appreciation, of course, if people like it and the response is really good from the press and fans and yeah, you have good ticket sales. Our ticket sales were exploding this year. That gives a lot of energy as well. Those are all reasons to release something and it’s a nice step toward a new album, kind of an introduction. Indeed, we did it before and it worked really well back then and people liked it, so why fix something when it’s not broken?”

On the status of the band’s next full-length album:

Charlotte: “Maybe we shouldn’t tease so much because we will get questions that are hard to answer. We’ve had some writing blocks; we have a lot of ideas. Some of them are nearing the finishing phase, so we just want to keep people up to date with what we are doing, even though we don’t necessarily have any more details to share at this particular moment. [Laughs]”

Martijn: “We can say we have been writing for a couple of sessions. This, for us, is kind of a ‘break’ from writing. This is the only long tour we’re doing this year. When we’re back, it’s right back to — how do you say it?”

Charlotte: “Back to business. That’s the plan.”

As previously reported, DELAIN will issue a new EP in the fall via Napalm Records. The band will promote the EP’s release by playing two intimate headlining shows on in October.

DELAIN is scheduled to make appearances at several European festivals this year and embark on a South American tour with NIGHTWISH.

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