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March 29, 2020

KORN To Play Only Three U.S. Shows This Year; 'Cool Tour' Planned For 2019

KORN will play only three shows in the U.S. this year before embarking on a “cool tour” in 2019, according to guitarist Brian “Head” Welch.

The Californian band has been largely inactive since completing a tour in support of its 2016 album, “The Serenity Of Suffering”.

While promoting his new documentary, “Loud Krazy Love”, at this year’s Nashville Film Festival, Welch was asked by Fox 17‘s “Rock & Review” if there are plans for KORN to return to the road in 2018. He responded (see video below): “Actually, we went to Australia and Japan. It was amazing. We played Download festival with PROPHETS OF RAGE… And then we played in Japan a few shows. So now we’re taking time off. We’re writing more music. We’re doing only four shows this year in America. Three… L.A., Vegas, San Francisco — that’s it. We’ve got some plans to resurrect some cool tour plans next year, 2019. But it’s cool to have time off.”

KORN singer Jonathan Davis recently confirmed that the band is working on its next album.

The upcoming disc will mark KORN‘s third full-length effort since the return of Welch, who rejoined the group in 2013.

Welch left KORN in early 2005, at the same time announcing that he kicked his addictions to drugs and alcohol by becoming a born-again Christian.

Brian told Good Company last year that KORN‘s next disc would likely be “a combination of maybe both [‘The Serenity Of Suffering’] and [2013’s ‘The Paradigm Shift’]. We’ll try some new stuff though, but we’re gonna definitely focus on guitars again,” he said.

“Loud Krazy Love” features an inside look into Welch‘s past “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle and how it impacted his identity as a father, which can be seen in the complicated relationship he shares with his daughter, Jennea. The 86-minute documentary, directed by first-time feature filmmakers Trey Hill and Scott Mayo, features exclusive access on tour and at home, as well as in-depth interviews with Brian, his family and his KORN bandmates.

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