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April 10, 2020

ANVIL Frontman On Talk Of Nobel Peace Prize For DONALD TRUMP: 'It's F**king Nuts'

ANVIL frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow says that it’s “fucking nuts” to see Donald Trump being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize, the most coveted human rights honor in the world.

Earlier this month, 18 Republican members of Congress signed a letter addressed to the Nobel Prize committee recommending the U.S. president for the Peace Prize for his work to “end the Korean War, denuclearize the Korean peninsula, and bring peace to the region.” It came after a landmark meeting between North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in that ended in an commitment to end a war between the two nations that has lasted nearly 70 years.

The prize talk was met by criticism from much of the media, which, just four months ago, saw Trump and Kim trading insults and threats of nuclear annihilation.

Previous U.S. presidents have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize, including Theodore Roosevelt and Trump‘s predecessor, Barack Obama, who was controversially awarded the prize in 2009, less than a year after entering office.

During a recent interview with Sofa King Cool, the Canadian-born Lips, whose band has just launched a headlining tour of the U.S., weighed in on the the prospect of Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He said: “The guy [Trump] didn’t do anything but threaten the fucking guy [Kim Jong-un]. ‘I’ve got a bigger button than you.’ And that is what the fuck happened. They’re fucking blowing up fucking nukes in the fucking mountain [in North Korea], they blew out the side of the mountain, all the fucking shit’s leaking into the fucking sea going to fucking China. China’s going, ‘Fuck you! I’m gonna fucking cut your fucking neck,’ to the guy in North Korea. ‘You’d better fucking make peace. You’ve got a fucking hair-trigger fucking president sitting in the United States that just wants to fucking nuke you. You fucking cool off, motherfucker!’ That’s what caused peace — not Donald Trump. Fuck! C’mon man! If you see it from a Canadian perspective, that’s what the fuck happened.

“What did Donald Trump do as far as diplomacy is concerned? Nothing!” Lips continued. “‘I’ve got a bigger button than you do.’ What the fuck’s that? In other words, the guy’s more fucking crazy than even you are. You’ve gotta take a look at that. Wait a second! That’s not diplomacy. That’s cowboy diplomacy, isn’t it? ‘Draw!’ It is. It’s fucking nuts. You don’t give somebody a peace prize for saying, ‘I’ve got a bigger fucking button than you do.’ That’s pretty fucking crazy. If you think about it, that’s not peace. You give somebody a peace prize who sits down at a table and really cuts the shit down into a business and makes it really fucking work and makes everybody shake hands and go, ‘Yeah, you’re right. We’re all fucking friends.’ That’s the guy you give the peace prize to, not the guy that goes, ‘I’m gonna blow the fuck out of you. I’m the biggest threat you’ve ever fucking know.’ What the fuck is that?

“I’m not anti-American. Don’t get me wrong, man — I love your country,” Lips added. “It’s the greatest fucking place in the fucking world — it’s got everything going for it — but holy shit, man, there’s shit that’s gone out of the people’s control. That’s how I see it. It’s just gone out of the people’s control. The people are not running the country. It’s, like, ‘Fuck!'”

Despite Lips‘s criticism of Trump‘s ability to lead the country, the ANVIL frontman says that he understans why the billionaire real estate mogul successfully clenched the presidency in November 2016.

“What are your choices? Fucking have somebody who’s now fucking exposed as a total fucking criminal, murderess, fucking you name it — you can’t fucking have her as your president,” apparently referring to former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “What are your fucking options? ‘Okay, let’s give the casino owner a fucking run, see what the fuck happens.’ I mean, I get it. Even before it happened, the first thing I said, ‘[Legendary mobster] Bugsy Siegel‘s gonna run America.’ Basically, fundamentally, that’s what it is — it’s Bugsy Siegel; it’s a guy who owned a casino, right? I mean, come on! Ultimately, that’s what it is. And he’s treating the government like it’s a fucking casino. ‘You’re fired. You’re fired. You’re hired. You’re hired. I heard you’re good; you’re coming in. You’re a fucking cocksucker; you’re gone.’ It’s a casino owner running the fucking government. ‘I’m gonna get rid of the bad staff. This guy’s roast beef sucks. Goodbye!'”

Lips also offered his two cents on the national debate over the issue of gun control, insisting that racism has shaped American attitudes toward guns in the past and continues to shape gun culture today.

“We’re only a hundred and fifty years, at the most two hundred years off slavery,” he explained. “You’ve got a divided country anyway; that fucking civil war never ended. Honestly, the civil war never ended. You’re not gonna fucking take guns away from people when they know that the next-door neighbor is a black guy who’s really pissed off because his father and his father and his father and his father were slaves. It ain’t gonna fucking happen, okay? There’s resentment, whether anybody wants to fucking admit it or not.”

ANVIL‘s spring U.S. tour kicked off May 2 in Buffalo, New York and runs through June 16 in Canton, Ohio.

The band’s latest album, “Pounding The Pavement”, was released on January 19 via SPV/Steamhammer. The disc was recorded at the Soundlodge studios in Rhauderfehn, in the northwest of Germany, with producer Jörg Uken.

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