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December 10, 2019

Watch: Lesser Glow – ‘Vacant Throne’

Lesser Glow put a unique spin on doom by infusing it with melodic and post- metal, pulling parts from a variety of different sounds. It comes together on their debut album, Ruined, and on songs like “Vacant Throne,” where they take crushing, harsh vocals and juxtapose them with softer, melodic passages.

As the Boston quintet explain, “Vacant Throne” deals with the stress and pressure that often comes as part of the information age.

“The never ending stream of information has given urgency to often non-urgent matters, and that urgency manifests itself through fear.

Scroll, consume, forget, repeat.

We are watching singularity happen before our eyes. We build shrines to ourselves on social media while becoming outwardly less sociable, and the line of tangibility continues to blur.”

Ruined is available on Pelagic Records on June 8.

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