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February 20, 2020

CRASHDÏET Plays First Official Concert With New Singer GABRIEL KEYES (Video)

Swedish sleaze rockers CRASHDÏET played their first official concert with new frontman Gabriel Keyes on March 30 at Kägelbanan in Stockholm.

Video footage of the gig can be seen below.

In December, CRASHDÏET released its first new song with Keyes, “We Are The Legion”.

Keyes, a Stockholm-based singer, is CRASHDÏET‘s fourth vocalist. CRASHDÏET was previously fronted by Dave Lepard (2000-2006), H. Olliver Twisted (2007-2008) and Simon Cruz (2009-2015).

“We Are The Legion” was made available through CRASHDÏET‘s own label imprint, Diet Records.

“We like to be a bit impulsive and spontaneous at the moment,” CRASHDÏET said in a statement. “Now that we can release the song under our own record label, it’s just a matter of going with the flow. It’s an interesting time and we’re learning a lot about the new music business.”

“We Are The Legion” was produced by Eric Bazilian, who can also be heard playing the acoustic guitar in the mesmerizing intro of the track. The song was mixed by Chris Laney, who also worked on CRASHDÏET‘s debut album, “Rest In Sleaze”. The drums were recorded by Björn Samuelsson at Samuelsson Music And Sound Studio. It was mastered by Classe Persson. The artwork was created by Christel Mentges.

CRASHDÏET stated about the song: “It’s a fight song, relevant to anyone who’s going through challenges and setbacks in a world that is judgmental and superficial. We can only stay together and be strong in the battlefield of life.”

Cruz, who was previously a member of the Stockholm act JAILBAIT, joined CRASHDÏET in 2009 as the replacement for H. Olliver Twisted (now in RECKLESS LOVE).

CRASHDIET‘s latest album, “The Savage Playground”, entered the official chart in Sweden at position No. 2. The CD was released in January 2013 via Frontiers.

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