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April 7, 2020

Watch: LLNN – ‘Appeaser’

Pelagic Records have rapidly made a name for themselves as one of the leading labels for post-metal, and “Appeaser,” the latest single and video from LLNN, isn’t going to change that trajectory. Musically, “Appeaser” is a dense, suffocating track that builds and crashes, buried vocals coming from under thick guitars and pounding drums.

The video accompanying “Appeaser” is stunning, showing a collection of nature shots and more abstract patterns. It matches the expansive sounds that LLNN create. It was made by the Sejersen brothers, Ketil (synths) and Rasmus (drums).

“We are fascinated by how the human mind tends to interpret random images, or patterns of light and shadows, as creatures and structures,” they explain. “A psychological phenomenon called ‘pareidolia,’ and how music and visuals can evoke certain emotions in us and let our imagination unfold into abstract storytelling.

“These are the thoughts behind the music video and the album artwork of Deads (with photographs by drummer Rasmus G. Sejersen).  The overall album theme of Deads is about births and downfalls of civilizations in other worlds throughout the universe. From creation to final decay, the depletion of the host – scenes which inspired the music video. All the footage is filmed mostly with macro lenses to create the extreme close-ups in combination with a few wide shots. Created in a minimalistic setup in our parents home. (Combined with some heavy Halo Reach 2v2 gaming. Come get some!)”

Deads is out 4/27.

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