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May 25, 2020

Video: GEOFF TATE Joined By TOBIAS SAMMET For QUEENSRŸCHE's 'Jet City Woman' In Aschaffenburg, Germany

Tobias Sammet (EDGUY, AVANTASIA) joined Geoff Tate on stage at OPERATION: MINDCRIME‘s February 6 concert at Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg, Germany to perform the QUEENSRŸCHE classic “Jet City Woman”. Fan-filmed video footage of Tobias‘s appearance can be seen below.

Tate was one of the featured singers on AVANTASIA‘s seventh album, “Ghostlights”, which was released last year via Nuclear Blast. Geoff could be heard in the song “Seduction Of Decay”, which was described by Sammet as “a seven-and-a-half minute-monster.” He added about Tate‘s performance in the track: “I am speechless! Geoff has made it a killer; [it] reminds me of his ‘Rage For Order’ era.

“I grew up with QUEENSRŸCHE,” he continued. “Geoff influenced a lot of us singer people, and listening to that track, I know why.”

Sammet previously said about his decision to enlist Tate to sing on the latest AVANTASIA album: “I have been fortunate enough to meet many amazing classic metal vocalists. Whenever we’ve talked about our influence as vocalists, the name Geoff Tate was brought up.

“Throughout his incredible career of more than thirty years, Geoff has constantly explored new territory as an artist and vocalist, while he has always managed to maintain this distinctive signature vocal sound that makes him stand out.

“His contribution [to ‘Ghostlights’] sounds nothing but amazing, and you will immediately know why the man had such a huge impact on vocalists and fans around the globe! Enchanting, unique, amazing, progressive in the purest sense of the word!”

Tate joined AVANTASIA for several shows in Europe last summer. He later told 99.1 CJAM-FM‘s “The Signals Of Intuition” about the experience: “I sang three songs, and it was fantastic. [They’re] great, great band, and working with Tobi was fantastic. He’s become one of my favorite people. [Laughs] He’s got a great sense of humor — an absolute great sense of humor — and doesn’t take himself too seriously. And one thing I really like about him is he’s very giving and open to other musicians, which is kind of different than my experience, ’cause a lot of musicians are a little bit insecure and they worry about people showing them up — they’re kind of competitive. And he’s not like that at all — he’ll just hand you the stage and go, ‘Okay, go. I’ll be over here.’ [Laughs] And just let you go to town and do your thing. He’s not worried about being showed up or anything like that; it’s not entered into his mind, I don’t think. He’s just a very open, giving, expressive human being who is just purely wonderful. I really appreciated that, because there’s nothing worse than having somebody trying to tie your hands behind your back and say, ‘Okay, do it, but here, balance on one foot.'”

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