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July 21, 2019

Track Premiere: Mournful Congregation – ‘Whispering Spiritscapes’

Mournful Congregation‘s fifth full-length album, The Incubus of Karma, is yet another grand opus from the band, who have long stood as masters of funeral doom. On second track “Whispering Spiritscapes,” which you can stream below, Mournful Congregation weave a dense, mournful, yet still melodic, 15-minute song that highlights all of their strengths before ending with somber spoken word.

It’s rare that a band can pull off such a dense, long song without overstaying their welcome, but Mournful Congregation pull it off gracefully.

The Incubus of Karma will see release in the United States via 20 Buck Spin on March 23.
The Incubus Of Karma by Mournful Congregation

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