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June 5, 2020

JIMMY PAGE On His Next Solo Release: It Will Be 'Everything I Can Muster Up'

Jimmy Page says his first solo release in 30 years will be “a sort of album” that will touch upon all all “the different approaches” that he is known for. The LED ZEPPELIN guitarist told Rolling Stone in a new interview: “I intend to be doing something which obviously will surface as a sort of album somewhere. It’ll surface further on down the line; I’m looking forward to doing whatever the project is. But if you think about all the areas that I’ve attempted, guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric or whatever, all the different approaches that I’ve done, it’s just gonna be an extension of all of that, and that’s it. So it’s not just acoustic, it’s not just electric, it’s everything I can muster up.”

There’s been no release date announced for the upcoming Page album, which will be his first true solo set since “Outrider”. That album came out on June 19, 1988 and peaked at No. 26 on The Billboard 200 album chart.

“Outrider” featured LED ZEPPELIN singer Robert Plant co-writing and contributing vocals on the track “The Only One”, and Jason Bonham drumming on both the majority of the album and Page‘s subsequent tour.

LED ZEPPELIN hasn’t performed together in more than a decade, having last played London’s O2 Arena in December 2007. The concert was part of the Ahmet Ertegun tribute event, which was chronicled on the band’s 2012 “Celebration Day” CD and DVD. The set, which featured Jason Bonham subbing for his late father John Bonham on drums, marked Page, Plant and John Paul Jones‘s first full-scale concert together since John Bonham‘s 1980 death.

An official LED ZEPPELIN illustrated book, “Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin”, will be released in October.
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