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February 19, 2020

review Bridge Of Diod “Of Sinners And Madmen”

Bridge Of Diod “Of Sinners And Madmen”
Sliptrick records
November 30, 2017

Fvkkk…. What a killer discovery!

Bridge Of Diod is Italian metal band, formed in 2010 by Stefano Barbero, Luigi Barbero and Davide Leoncino. The first EP (Creativity in Captivity) was released in 2012, and now, 5 (long) years later we can hear the first full-length album, entitled “Of Sinners And Madmen”.

Ten songs album could been lost among thousands of other albums within the genre but luckily Bridge Of Diod didn’t chose easy path and recorded just killer album which should be real gift for everybody into heavy metal!

I can’t say Bridge Of Diod plays some kind of genre which I could describe by just one word. I can hear: a) heavy metal, b) thrash metal, c) hard rock, and all these genres comes inside just one album, made by Bridge Of Diod. It’s pretty cool to hear how does hard rock tunes switching into heavy/thrash metal madness! So many influences…

I was always curious why Italians are so well skilled musicians? Just a random pick – vocals – I can’t say Stefano has the best vocals I ever heard, but I can dare to say he has really powerful one! The same goes to rest of musicians – guitar work and drumming are amazing, smart thresholds, tempo-changes and etc. The only thing I see as a bit negative is the entire album had too many “easy” moments, I mean the entire rhythms section, the lack of “drive”… But in spite of that we have got powerful hard’n’heavy album.

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