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February 23, 2020

Track Premiere: F*cked & Bound – ‘Terror’

Seattle-based hardcore punks Fucked & Bound are out for blood on their new song, “Terror.” Thriving in the grinding corner of hardcore punk, vocalist Lisa Mungo shrieks and roars like a woman possessed over her bandmates as they tear through just over a minute of searing guitars and energetic drumming.

“‘Terror’ is an angsty, piss-driven track that seethes of nihilism and vexation towards the patriarchy,” Mungo tells Decibel, explaining the source of her anger on “Terror.”

The same anger and disdain are present on the entirety of Suffrage, Fucked & Bound’s album due out February 16 through Atomic Action.

The post Track Premiere: F*cked & Bound – ‘Terror’ appeared first on Decibel Magazine.

Source: News3

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