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February 19, 2020

MINISTRY's AL JOURGENSEN On Sexual Harassment Claims: 'It's Well Overdue That This Has Happened'

In the latest interview clip from Nuclear Blast, MINISTRY mainman Al Jourgensen talks about the recent sexual harassment claims in the media.

Like former U.S. senator Al Franken, Jourgensen admits he’s done things that he’s not proud of. “But you grow, you learn, you listen,” he says. Jourgensen has taken an objective look at some of his actions from the past that he didn’t consider sexist at the time, but today’s raised awareness has given him a fresh perspective.

“Now it’s time for the men to buck up and start thinking,” he says. “We’ve slated our society to be exploitative and men have been rewarded by this system, but now, we’re starting to think.

“It’s not going to be an overnight thing, but at least start thinking. ‘Okay, I remember this party back, maybe 10 years ago where I did… yeah… I see that that was weird, I can see where I could have possibly weirded someone out…’ just that is a step forward,” he continues. “Just for a man to think ‘You know what? That was fucked up.’ That’s a step forward and that’s where we need to be and that’s what these discussions that are happening right now are doing… hopefully.”

MINISTRY will release its new album, “AmeriKKKant”, on March 9 via Nuclear Blast. The band will kick off its 2018 North American tour on March 22.

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