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October 16, 2018

Interview Dreamgrave

• Hi! Give a brief history of Dreamgrave, music style, and the members.
​​​Dömötör Gyimesi: Dreamgrave is a progressive band from Szeged, Hungary that initially formed in 2007, and after numerous line-up changes, finally came to fruition in September of 2012. We released our first full length album entitled ”Presentiment” in October, 2014. Our sound marries traditional progressive metal with symphonic, gothic and strong influences from extreme metal. Featuring female soprano vocals alongside both clean male singing and death metal growls, the music bears influences from acts ranging from Opeth and Paradise Lost to Haken.
​​Dömötör Gyimesi guitars, vocals
Mária Csányi-Molnár, vocals
Krisztina Baranyi, violin
Tamás Tóth, drums
Péter Gilián, bass

• Give in more detail, some information about “Monuments I. – The Anxious” and how well it sells?
​​​Dömötör Gyimesi: Monuments’ concept is rooted in the tendency of uniformization of the individual, or how social media and related dynamics devour the personality of some people. Since the release of Presentiment we have gained a solid and really generous fan base on Bandcamp, who have already made the digipak production costs covered, just like they did for Presentiment. We are truly grateful for them!

• Dreamgrave has signed with ProgHeavenHungary, tell more about that?
​​​Dömötör Gyimesi: It’s Hungary’s one and only progressive music label, mainly focusing inland. It’s a small DIY label and a concert tour. But there are some other news since then: we’ve just signed to Revalve Records! Long story short: we’ve got contacted by several labels during the pre-promotional phase of Monuments and the guys at Revalve seem to take the work as serious as we do, so we’ve decided to go with them.

• What is the difference between your latest and the very first records?
​​​Dömötör Gyimesi: If I don’t count our very first demo musically defining, I would call Monuments a more crystallised form of what we call the Dreamgrave sound. There certainly are extremes present on this record too, but in a more mellow fashion.
Mária Csányi-Molnár: With Presentiment the creative control was much more focused at Dömötör and János, which has changed significantly with Monuments: this is our first record where everyone of us took major role in shaping the songs after Dömötör and János showed us the initial demos.

• What inspires Dreamgrave music and lyric writing? What does Dreamgrave lyrics talk about?
​​​Dömötör Gyimesi: When some topic is lurking around me for some time, I will eventually form an abstraction and write lyrics about it. If you take a closer look on Presentiment or Monuments you’ll realise that we always work our ways around a more or less abstract concept, which not just adds an extra layer to the mood and atmosphere to our music, but keeps it open to the listener’s imagination. The thoughts we’ve put into the records are clearly perceptible by taking our physical releases, walking through the texts and lyrics in the booklets and travelling the journey we invite the listener to.
Musically I’m quite certain that every single album we’re listening to and like will somewhat influence the melodies, the structures and the overall feeling of the songs we create. We all are coming from really different musical backgrounds: Marcsi is huge fan of Anneke van Giersbergen, and have black metal roots, but also loves Hungarian folk music and has an academic degree in singing. Tomi is more into modern metal, while Peti would vote here for jazz, whilst Krisztina for classical music and Volbeat! 😀 Dreamgrave is a damn melting pot, you see? My roots are coming from the late 80s and 90s: early Paradise Lost, Alice Cooper, a lot of hair metal (I love Warrant!) and my favourite guitarist is Eddie Van Halen. Of course we have several common idols, like Opeth, Steven Wilson, The Gathering, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Anathema. In these days I’m personally really into Leprous for example.

• Do you play live often? Do you like abroad gigs?
Mária Csányi-Molnár: in the last couple of months – as I’m expecting a baby 🙂 – we had to take a little pause. We plan two different tours for next year in the EU. Things have changed a bit since we started negotiations with our new label, so fingers crossed!
From our perspective the audience abroad seems to be more open, and interested in our music, so we defintely would like to have much more shows outside of Hungary.

• How often does the band practice and work on new material?
Dömötör Gyimesi: in the beginning we had shorter, but scheduled rehearsals for at least once every week. Nowadays we only come together when there are enough work to be done: preparing for some big show or tour, finalizing new material, setting up new equipment and so on. These usually last for a day with different focus points: vocals, rhythm section and full band.​ It’s much more efficient this way. Practicing is what we do almost every day at home.

• How did the band come up with the name Dreamgrave and tell what does it means for you?
Dömötör Gyimesi: Dreamgrave is about dancing on a blade’s edge: every human being is driven by high hopes and dreams. The longer one fights for those dreams, for self-definition, pursuing pure happiness the more fragile they become, the more their dreams get vulnerable and at the end even the strongest are able to give up. Dreamgrave is the very place where these crystallised and invaluable efforts remain and tempt forever​.
It’s originally coming from Zoltan Tamasi, whom I co-founded Dreamgrave with, back in 2007.

• What does the band plan on doing in near time?
Dömötör Gyimesi: we have two EU tours in plans for next year. Until then we want to finish songs for the 2nd Monuments EP, release a music video for Drop The Curtain, as well as some live videos recorded earlier this year in Budapest. A vinyl project is also underway for both Presentiment and Monuments, plus we will prepare a little gift for our followers on Bandcamp.

• Any message to Sick and Destroy readers?
Dömötör Gyimesi: what else than to seek and destroy, haha! Seriously, I always try to emphasise how important is to support good and independent bands. It’s the ONLY way you can keep metal a fresh and living thing, so keep it up!
Live your dreams with full of your hearts, bury yourself deeply into good music and never give up!​