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December 6, 2019

Track Premiere: DSKNT – ‘S.O.P.O.R.’

Abstract, noisy, cacophonous are all words that could be used to describe “S.O.P.O.R.,” the newest single from one-man Swiss black metal entity DSKNT. Bleak, dissonant guitars ring out around throat-shredding vocals and pounding drums, the production creating an all-consuming din.

PhSPHR Entropy was written as a polymorphic access to the primitive clinamen, the primordial invariant disorder; in 6 chapters dispainting the process of massive cosmic deprivation,” DSKNT tells Decibel.  As the Aether is swallowing the last convulsions of our Nullification, the second act of the release PhSPHR Entropy, ‘S.O.P.O.R, represents the gazing sphere of the inextricable geometry of Time rising from the abyss of transience.
Slaves, Origins, Perpetual, Orbus, Roots.”

PhSPHR Entropy will see release through Sentient Ruin in the U.S.

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