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February 19, 2020

ROBERT PLANT Says He Writes To Suit His Mood

According to The Pulse Of Radio, Robert Plant has scored a Top 20 hit with his new album, “Carry On”, marking his third release with his touring band, SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS. During a chat with The New York Times, he revealed that the album was dictated by the sound he and the band made, rather than conventional song compositions. “We chop the stuff up and see how it falls into grooves and moods. That’s basically the whole signature of our music: grooves and moods… I have a lot of lyrics, and if they’re not interrelated, they can be. I tried with this record to make melodies really, really important. And to use celestial backing vocals to create a different R.P.

As for reaching a target demographic for the new album, Plant admitted, “No, I don’t give a hoot. I couldn’t even think about it. I don’t think I write to suit anybody — I just write to suit my mood.”

When pressed about his relationship with fellow LED ZEPPELIN members, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, Plant said: “[We see each other] from time to time, and it’s very civil. We’re enthusiastic toward each other, and each of us does our own things, and that’s how it is.”

Although the world seems to look back when discussing Robert Plant, he explained that the only way for him to continue as an artist is to look ahead. “The thing is, that you have to go and strike out again and you have to create a currency that’s based on the real reality of now,” he said. “Each ‘now’ is a ‘now.’ It’s not a ‘gone,’ it’s not a ‘will be,’ it’s not a ‘was,’ or a ‘shall,’ it’s a ‘now’ and an ‘am.’ and that’s really, what I think, it’s all about.”

“Carry Fire”, was released on October 13 via Nonesuch/Warner. The follow-up to 2014’s “Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar” was produced by Plant in the west of England and Wales, at Top Cat studio in Box, Wiltshire with additional recordings at Real World and Rockfield studios. As with “Lullaby”, Plant is accompanied by his backing band THE SENSATIONAL SHAPE SHIFTERS: John Baggott on keyboards, moog, loops, percussion, drums, brass arrangement, t’bal, snare drum, slide guitar, piano, electric piano, bendir; Justin Adams on guitar, acoustic guitar, oud, E-bow quartet, percussion, snare drum, tambourine; Dave Smith on bendir, tambourine, djembe, drum kit; and Liam “Skin” Tyson on dobro, guitar, acoustic guitar, pedal steel, twelve-string.
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