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September 23, 2018

Interview Serenade

Hi, Serenade. Your new album “Onirica” to be released this fall via Revalve records. You must be excited?
Hi guys, here’s Claudia, I’m glad talking to you all and yes, we all are very excited for the Onirica’s release.

First of all, we would like to know about the formation of the band. When and how was it formed? Do you think the band name ‘Serenade’ perfectly decribes your music and philosophy?
I formed the band back in the 2009 with our former guitarist in the beginning just for fun and then to express our passion for music. It was a long journey to get to the current formation and finally we found our balance.
About the band name Serenade, we just wanted a name with a musically sound but actually we don’t play serenades XD

Okay now tell us something about “Onirica”, and the lyrical themes behind each track. What are the ideas you wanted to put across?
First of all the lyrics are written by me except one, “Sleeping Dream”, which is written by Alberto. In general the lyrics talk about dreams world, revealing the deepest fears and hopes of the human soul.

So our own dreams and nightmares but also dreams and nightmares taken from literature, for ex “Oceanus” is from Lovecraft’s homonymous tale about fear the unknown and “Luceafarul” which is derived from a romanian poem by Mihai Eminescu who tells the impossible love between a young princess and the star Venus.
You can see Onirica as a path that goes through the deepest fears, finding the strenghts to fight them, for ex in “Kill Your Pain”, to reach a strong hope of life in “Stormborn”.

Where and when did you record “Onirica”? Are you satisfied with it?
We recorded Onirica at Luigi Stefanini’s New Sin Studio, in the North East of Italy and we are really happy with the work done there. We will never stop to thank Luigi for his amazing job done with us.

Are you gonna to release some official band merch?
Yes, we hope it will be available very soon.

What are Serenade’s musical and non-musical influences?
Our musical and not musical influences are really the most disparate. We have the most different interests and it is precisely these differences that inspires our music.

Could you please express your personal views on religion and god?
About religion and God we think that everyone is free to believe in everything he want but only if he respects the other’s ideologies.

Shall we expect some gigs across USA or Europe near time?
At the moment we have three gigs with Smash into pieces the 13th, 14th and 15th of October, respectively in Zurich, Brescia and Rome. We also have other interesting news about next shows but we can’t talk yet.

When shall fans to expect something new from you? Videoclip, single, documentary etc?
Really soon, this month, will be released our first single’s videoclip and so stay tuned 😉

Thanks a lot for the interview. Speak out to your fans, supporters, critics and our readers before we wrap up!
We really thank you for this interview and we wanna say that we are excited about the release of Onirica and we hope our music will make you headbang cause we have put all our passion in it.
See ya guys and stay tuned for more news!!