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April 4, 2020

LACUNA COIL Wanted A 'Friend,' Not A 'Guitar Hero,' As Replacement For MARCO 'MAUS' BIAZZI

LACUNA COIL singer Andrea Ferro spoke to Bloodrock Media about the band’s latest addition, guitarist Diego Cavallotti, who joined the group last year following the departure of Marco “Maus” Biazzi.

“He just started with us on the recording and touring for [LACUNA COIL‘s latest album] ‘Delirium’,” Andrea said (hear audio below). “So his first show was, actually… Before that, he only did some shows in Europe, some festivals, with his previous band. And in the first show with us, it was in Manila, in the Philippines, we were headlining a festival in a stadium with, like, twenty-five thousand people, so it was pretty shocking for him to go from a little local show to that. But, actually, he made less mistakes than we did that night, so it was a pretty good start for him. He’s doing really well. He’s a good friend.”

Andrea continued: “We looked for somebody that wasn’t just somebody that could play the songs. We didn’t wanna have a super-professional guitar player; we wanted somebody that could be a friend — a normal guy like another bandmember, not a super guitar hero.

“We had offers from people that can really shred like crazy, but I don’t think it’s needed for a band like us,” he said. “We need somebody that can play what we need to play, but need also to be a normal guy — a person that is enjoying it and he wants to be with us and we can hang out even beside the band. So it’s cool that we found somebody from our hometown. Even if he has to learn some stuff, it’s cool to have somebody that is just one of us. He’s good. He can play. But, obviously, it’s good to have somebody enthusiastic to be there — not just somebody that you pay and he’s there because you paid him, even if he’s an amazing guitar player.”

LACUNA COIL will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its debut by playing a very special show, dubbed “Nothing Stands In Our Way”, on January 19, 2018 at London, England’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire. It will be a unique extravaganza and truly exceptional event that is not to be missed. Apart from a career-spanning set, you will be able to enjoy LACUNA COIL songs never played live before. The show will be filmed and recorded for a release later in 2018.

LACUNA COIL‘s first-ever book, titled “Nothing Stands In Our Way”, is scheduled to be published around the world in early 2018. The book is described in a press release as “the full twenty-year story of the Italian gothfathers as told by the band in their own words. Illustrated throughout with rare and candid photographs, memorabilia and personal artefacts, it will see founding members Ferro, Cristina Scabbia and Marco Coti Zelati sifting through the birth, growth and full flowering of the band to tell twenty years of LACUNA COIL.

“Nothing Stands In Our Way” will be available around the world in two editions, the Classic and the limited-run Signature set.

Register your interest now to be sure of getting a copy, and for the chance to have your name printed in the book.

Ferro recently told the Impact metal channel that LACUNA COIL fans will have to wait at least a couple of years for the follow-up to 2016’s “Delirium” album.

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