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February 24, 2020

OPETH's MIKAEL ÅKERFELDT Wants Next Album To Be 'Twisted'

OPETH leader Mikael Åkerfeldt says that he wants the band’s next album to be more “twisted.”

The Swedish progressive metal band released its twelfth studio disc, “Sorceress”, a year ago, and the guitarist/vocalist is already looking ahead to the follow-up effort and what it might sound like.

He tells Eonmusic: “‘Sorceress’, for me, is old hat. It’s a lovely record, but it’s back ‘there.’ I’m not lingering on it because it’s old now. I’m not lingering on this record as being a beacon of hope for anything — it’s just what we did then, and I’m hoping next time we’re going to do something different, and I hope, something twisted. Nothing necessarily great, but twisted at least.”

As for when OPETH‘s next studio album could arrive, Åkerfeldt says: “Maybe the end of… or mid-2019, I’m thinking. I want to have a sabbatical, because we’ve been doing this for a long time, so I want to keep away and just be with my kids. Once I write songs, I want to sit and be.”

“Sorceress” was released in September 2016. For the band’s first effort for Nuclear Blast via OPETH‘s imprint label Moderbolaget Records, the group returned to Rockfield Studios in Wales, also home to pivotal releases from QUEEN, RUSH and JUDAS PRIEST, where the Swedes had tracked “Pale Communion” in 2014 with Tom Dalgety.
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