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July 19, 2018

Interview Cocyte

Hi, Cocyte. Your new album was released last month. You must be excited?

Hi! Yes a lot, the process was a long way with some difficulties and unleash it is really exiting. This is our very first Full-Length so a little bit scarred in a same time.

First of all, we would like to know about the formation of the band. When and how was it formed? Do you think the band name ‘Cocyte’ perfectly decribes your music and philosophy?

The band was formed in the end of 2009, almost 2010. Since the beginning there were some changes and advancements, from the started only the bass player and me still the same.

Like you know, in the popular trilogy The Divine Comedy wrote by Dante Alighieri, the Cocytus is a river from hell where all the damned are trapped.  We can say it describe well who we are, our music comes from hell !  Sure, but we are not the damned, we are those who sailing on the river.

Futhermore, this name explains our philosophy. We would have been able to change the name many times because the band had many evolutions and changes and because when we find the name, we discovered an other band named Cocytus. But we are the kind of persons who don’t go back. We have an idea and we hold it. We just change the latin version to the fench one and here we go!

Okay now tell us something about ‘The Human Disease’, and the lyrical themes behind each track. What are the ideas you wanted to put across?

Really glad you ask me this because the concept and ideas in this album is a huge part of it.

As the name suggest, it talk about men and his vices. We talk about humankind, behaviour, spirit of man.

We can say that this album is an absolute statement of the situation on earth. The Human Disease is what the man has inside, really deep inside, a disease. During it you can find a common thread, it’s a story following the life of a man who he’s confronted with several aspects of life and humanity such as the relation between God and himself, the impact of religions on earth, the mental problems and darkest behaviours such as sexual assault, destruction of the land and our own kind, consumer society or war… Then the story turns to a more positive note as our man finds a refuge in his spirit because our world is no longer worth it, he builds a sanctuary where he is completely satisfied and full of joy. But he is human after all, and slowly starts to destroy his own creation, like everyone else, he is infected by The Human Disease. This album is dark vision of the world but the conclusion is not a dead cause, we have hope in humanity, we can change, but it can’t be done alone, people must wake up and become better.

Where and when did you record ‘The Human Disease’? Are you satisfied with it?

We recorded and mixed in France with Christian Carvin (Eths, Forus, The Mars Chronicles,…) a nice guy, it was great to work with him, we learned a lot about recording, mixing and  on ourselves too. This man knows his job and he do it well.

Alan Douches (Canibal Corpse, Carnifex, Suicide Silence,…) did the mastering, he’s a really comprehensive and nice man despites his big fame. He did an awesome work.

Are you gonna to release some official band merch?

Absolutly! We released a bundle T-shirt/album when The Human Disease came out and we just put a brand new T-shirt on sale.

Much merch will arrive in the next months. You can find all our stuff on our Bandcamp.

What are Cocyte’s musical and non-musical influences?

As you have understood during the listening we are a lot influenced by death metal and deathcore, you probably put us somewhere between these two genres. However our inspiration has no limit, if we find an idea from Jazz, no worries. It’s important to us to have many influences, because we don’t like when you hearing and album and even if all tracks are good, we don’t like when all songs are a little bit the same. Every tracks have his own spirit and you can easily make the different between them.

Could you please express your personal views on religion and god?

We are all atheist but we don’t lead a constant war against god(s). Our opinion is more like, follow your own precepts. Find you, find who you are and in what you believe. Become what you want by the way you found. Just don’t be a sheep, open your mind.

We don’t understand how people can do war in the name of god.

Shall we expect some gigs across USA or Europe near time?

Sure. We are looking to release some shows accros Europe. We hope make some of them in USA but unfortunately we don’t have plan for now. Hope in the future!

When shall fans to expect something new from you? Videoclip, single, documentary etc?

We just released a brand new playthrough , something a little bit different from usual playthroughs. Also we will release a new video in the next months.

Thanks a lot for the interview. Speak out to your fans, supporters, critics and our readers before we wrap up!

We would like to thanks all fans who follow us, you are awesome, we are glad all the time by your personal message and pictures with your Cocyte’s stuff via facebook & Co, thanks to all of you who just read this interviews, hope you’ll enjoy our music.

Thank you Sick and Destroy Magazine it’s a pleasure.

Stay brutal!

Jimmy – guitarist