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February 19, 2020


Good day to DAWNPATROL! How are you guys doing these days?
Hi, we are fine thank you !

First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.
We are Dawnpatrol, a thrash / black metal band from France.
I’m V. Wolfstorm at the guitars and vocals, and the other members are Cendres: drums and M’Cka: bass guitar!

I’d like to know about the formation of the band. How did you guys meet and all. Also, is there any special story behind the band title?
At the beginning the band started in 2012 as a solo project beside other projects and bands.
I didn’t think to do real band. My goal was to do the most violent music I could. A mix of thrah and black metal, but in a very primitive way!
So I released on my own the first demo and at the time I was working on the first EP, Cendres, an old friend contacted me. I had lost his contact because he was engaged in the army! So when he returns he told me he wanted to make music again and join a new band with me.
So I talk to him about Dawnpatrol and he accepted to play with me as a drummer, so we could start to rehearse.
But we were forced to wait 2 years to find our bassist!
My girlfriend, who was taking lessons in a music school met him first, he wanted to play in a band but as he was a beginner he didn’t know if he could play with us. And our musical style wasen’t really what he used to listen. But after listening to us he liked our primitive way to play music and joined us!
The meanig behind our name, Dawnpatrol, can be found in a track of Megadeth in their album Rust in Peace. I wanted a name which could have several meanings depending the persons. Not a basic thrash name. It refers to Megadeth because this band had a great importance for me, not only for music but too for the lyrics.

I expect a long reply for this one. Can you please tell us about the concept and lyrical themes of all your previous releases?
The conspiracy theories, manipulation of the governments and a lot of subjects can be found in my lyrics.
I push the concept to different levels, depending the releases and tracks.
Dawnpatrol refers to martial law, the rise of a dictatorial government after a nuclear disaster which destroyed the main part of worlds population and the opposition between the resistants and the new order with its militia.
Some titles have a straight approach , dealing with old sci-fi movies of the 80s or 70es for exemple, but you can find points of view in reference of our sick society, and the way people or government are making a nightmare of our lifes…
And the world wars 1 and 2, and the war in general is a theme which come regulary…

Is there any special reason for choosing your music conception?
No there is no particular reason, because I write music all the time, and I have ton of material not used yet.

How do you guys manage to create music at all? What challenges do you face while writing and recording an album?
The most of time that’s the song which come to me first. I have a guitar riff which come in my head. And I try to do an entire song using old material combining with the new ideas.
And some times these are the lyrics which come first and inspire me the music…
But when we work together the song changes with the way of playing of each of us.
We try to improve ourselves with each new track and release, as musician , and also as songwriters.
But we also try to keep a direct approach in the structure of the song, it’s the difficulty of this process.

Your latest album ‘The Dawn of Steel’ was released last year. How was the experience working on the studio? Any funny or even sad happenings during the studio work?
The experience on the studio was quite fun during the time we were recording the drum parts. Everyday I was going to the local of Cendres, and we recorded 2 tracks a day, not more, to keep the best parts of them. But all the day the sounds was changing, we didn’t touch at the mics, or at the tunings, but the sound of the drums was never the same, and we couldn’t find why!
The “sadest”, or the most boring times in the studio was the mixing!
It was very long to find a good mix, I have done an incalculable number of mixings, it was never good, so after several monthes I call a friend of mine who is the owner of the AMSR studio to help me, and in few days we ended it!

You guys are still underground/underrated, although your music has been appreciated by the critics worldwide. What, according to you, is the reason behind it?
I think the main reason is we haven’t the support of a strong label behind us to help us to promote our music worldwide.
The situation for the young bands is very difficult because there are tons of bands in all the styles, so it’s very difficult to lose one’s marker.
To release a good album is not enough, you must have the support of all the medias, and big means to promote your music.
Also we don’t tour a lot, and that’s a good way to win more notoriety. But we are trying to change that point!

Can you throw some light on your past as musicians?
Before playing in Dawnpatrol I played in several local bands as a drummer, and I had a solo project called Svartfell who has released several albums and has won a certain notoriety in the french black metal scene.
Cendres has played in old school black metal bands, and he still plays guitars and do the vocals in his true black metal band called Hordous!
M’Cka was playing in punk bands before playing with us!

Tell us about your favorite bands, from whom you gain inspiration. Are you having any favorite artist/band that has emerged from metal/rock soil?
The musical nature of Dawnpatrol is old school thrash black metal. The band has its roots in the thrash and black metal scene of the eighties with bands like Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Dark Angel, Exodus, Metallica, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom…
I listened to those bands very much when I was younger and I think it had a big impact on me and it has influenced my playing and songwriting. Even if I’m not very concious of it.
Also I listen to a lot of black metal, so I have a darker approach of a lot of those new retro thrash wave, it’s not fun thrash.
Ican’t tell you I have one favorite atrtist, it depends of the time, but some artists like Dave Mustaine or Joey Demaio for exemple are inspiring me for their hard work!

How is the metal scene going in your country?
The metal scene is going very well in our country, for many years the metal underground was almost dead, now since some years it awakes, and some new bands have emerged and are really killer, like Cryptic Grave, Hexecutor or Manzer to name just those ones! It seems that the dark flame of true underground metal is shining again, and more than in the past!

Tell us, if you have played abroad.
We still haven’t the chance to play abroad, I hope it will come in the near future!

Are you working on any music videos, might it be videoclip or lyric video?
We have done a video clip for Deathgame, and I’m actually working for lyric videos for the tracks Station 211 and Signs of the World’s Demise!
We hope to make more videos in the future because it’s a good support, and it allows to show our concept more easily…

Rapid fire section. Just for fun. So just chill, and just type the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear:
Religion – shit.
Death – the end of suffering!
USA – a declining civilization.
Drugs – asleep the people, remove its resistance.
Armageddon – a new dawn for a new civilization!

Thanks a lot for your time! It’s really nice to know more about you. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?
We are now working on new tracks and are looking to do more gigs, so we could see you for real!
The new tracks are killers, they continue the same way, prepare for the nuclear armageddon! The final fight is soon!
Thanks for your interview and to allow us to send our message!

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