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December 9, 2019

Interview Echotime

Good day to Echotime! How are you guys doing these days?

Good Day to you! We are doing great, we are getting ready for the Release of our new album and for the new live shows! There is still some work to do, but we are very focused and really excited about it, it feels so good!

First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

We have been defined as a Progressive/Cinematic metal band, even though we mix togher many musical styles and influences. We take inspiration from bands like Symphony X, Dream Theater,Circus Maximus but also from Musicals, Film Scores, Afro/Latin Music and much more. We are from Urbino (Italy), and after many years as cover band, we decided to write something more personal. In 2013 we released “Genuine”, our First concept album, which gave us many satisfactions and brought us to play many shows, also as opening act for band that we love ( Queensriche, Pain of Salvation, Circus Maximus, Goblin, Ghost B.C….), and now, we are ready to release the second one!

The Lineup is now composed by: Alex “Kage” Cangini (vocals) , Federico “Face” Fazi (drums), Nicolas “Nick” Pandolfi (guitar), Federico “Smiths” Fabbri (keyboards) and Giacomo “Chris” Bartolini (bass), even though we must say, when the album was written and recorded, it was a little bit different, with Andrea Anastasi on Guitar, Stefano Antonelli on Bass and Filippo Martignano on Keys. Unfortunately they have left the band shortly after the recording session, so the new line-up took the duties of bringing the new album to the light.

I’d like to know about the formation of the band. How did you guys meet and all. Also, is there any special story behind the band title?

Everything started during an afternoon of thirteen years ago, when Kage called Face asking him if he would have been interested in starting a band with other guys from their hometown: Urbino. The line up changed several times during the years, but the band always carried on thanks to the determination of the two founding members. After being fans of the band for some years, In 2015 Chris, Smiths and Nick joined the band to finish the work on Genuine, Side and to start a new adventure.

For what concerns the band title, it came out from Alex on a summer evening of many years ago, after some drinks and food. Even if the stories we tell on our concepts are fictional, they are all inspired by things that really happen in the real world, so we feel like the name Echo-Time fits perfectly, as we want our music to be like an Echo of this time for the people who listen to it. On “Genuine”’s last song ( “The Question”) Emit , one of the main characters, explains our thoughts with these words: “ Every question we feel bound to ask, Will be the Echo of this Time, But you’re free to ask! In the Echo of Time, come to the land of Echotime!” .

I expect a long reply for this one. Can you please tell us about the concept and lyrical themes of all your previous releases?

Ok, Let’s Start! Our first concept album “Genuine” takes place in a big city-state called LeadTown, a fictional world that is really close to the one we live in. The city is ruled by three main charachters: Velasco (which holds the military powers), Lexington (which holds the political powers) and Magnus (the spiritual guide of the nation). On a research laboratory, a scientist named Daniel Antony is following his dream: finding a way to help people to survive in such an oppressive world. His dream becomes true the day he creates “Genuine”, a particular substance which is capable of making people feel better even in the darkest moments. But then, after this discovery, he was sent to jail for misterious reasons. After some time, a strange figure appears in the cell: His name is Emit, and it is half man, half rabbit. This “entity” sets Daniel free and shows him the truth: Velasco has used Genuine to enslave people to his will, then he took all the powers by killing the other two leaders and is now leading the whole LeadTown. On this tragic scenario, Daniel decides to join a bunch of rebels and find an antidote to his own creation ( Genuine 10:10). During the final battle, our hero faces Velasco, who tries to bring him on his side, but Daniel’s convictions are strong and at last he decides to detonate, killing Velasco in the explosion. The album ends with the sound of a tv transmission, saying that Velasco has misteriously died, and that the scientist Daniel Antony was found dead inside his cell. Was it all a dream, did it really happen? The answer is up to the listener of course. Even if the story of the new album may seem not to be connected to this one, you will find many common points, and maybe in the future we will discover more…. You’ll see!

Is there any special reason for choosing your music conception?

The main reason is that we like to tell stories and use music to do that. We love the idea that the images and the notes are influenced by each other and we wanted to be original and personal. As we said before, even if the stories are fictional, we want them to be very realistic and connected to the world we live in . Even if some of us like fantasy, we felt like singing about dragons and castles was not our way. The message is important, and music is the best veichle to spread it! Plus, we all love Cinema and Musical, so it was natural for us to try recreate the evocative power we feel while watching a movie or a show and listening to its soundtrack.

How do you guys manage to create music at all? What challenges do you face while writing and recording an album?

The key was to have some images and words in our minds , the challenge was to put them into music, finding the right melodies and make everything sound good while keep narrating the story. The writing process went almost always like that: Someone came up with some ideas, then we worked together to make them fit into songs. Having a good knowledge of music styles really helped us during the process but, as always when many different people work on the same thing, there was a little bit of tension some times: Nothing we couldn’t manage with a good glass of wine by the way!

Your latest album ‘Side’ will be released on May 5. How was the experience working on the studio? Any funny or even sad happenings during the studio work?

The studio session went very well, working with Simone Mularoni was fantastic. He is a very cool guy, professional and smart, he always knows how to make you feel comfortable while recording and always gives some good advices and inputs. Plus, his studio (Domination Studio) is great, and you can tell by listening to every production that comes out from there. The recording process was actually funny and everything went really good in the end.

You guys are still underground/underrated, although your music has been appreciated by the critics worldwide. What, according to you, is the reason behind it?

Probably the reason is that, day by day, it gets more difficult to let your music break into people’s hearts. There are so many releases, so many bands, and people have less time to listen, less money to spend to buy new records and tickets for the shows. Also, our genre is a little bit undeground, and this makes everything harder but we are sure that with our new label ( Rockshots Music) things will change for us, as they are doing a great promotion of the album and they have a good distribution. We are also looking forward to play abroad and spread our music as much as possible!

Can you throw some light on your past as musicians?

Alex has been in this band from the beginning of his career. He studied singing with many good teachers and he is now a Teacher/ Vocal Coach himself. He still carries on his study on musical, theater and vocal flexibility. Face has been a drummer for many years now, he studied with great italian teachers like Franco Rossi, he also attended drum and music classes at Berklee College in Boston and now he is teaching for the AMM academy in Italy. Smiths Holds a Degree in classical piano and composition, obtained at the Rimini’s conservatory and another Degree in musicology obtained at the DAMS school in Bologna (IT). He is a music/piano teacher and also a good session player. Nick recently graduated at the Modern Music Institute and he is now studying to become a Guitar Teacher. Chris is currently studying bass at the Zero Crossing Academy and he has previously played in many local bands.

Tell us about your favorite bands, from whom you gain inspiration. Are you having any favorite artist/band that has emerged from metal/rock soil?

We both gain inspiration from bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Evergrey, Circus Maximus, Queensryche, Pain of Salvation and from less common shows like Notre Dame De Paris, Cirque Du Soleil, Dracula by P.F.M and many more. We also love film scores and almost every kind of music, so the influences comes from many many ways!!

How is the metal scene going in your country?

Not so well actually. It is very difficult to play this kind of music in Italy, even if some of the most important progressive rock bands came right from our country (we feel very connected with both the metal and the progressive culture). With the passing of years, the crowds becomes always smaller, less people comes to shows and there is a huge lack of interest not only in the music world but in almost every artistic subject ( and it is a shame if you think how much art and poetry you can find in our country) . We do hope the things will change, because when things go well here it is fantastic, we have many good supporters around Italy.

Tell us, if you have played abroad.

Yes, we did it while supporting our first album “Genuine”. During 2014 we played some shows in France, Lithuania , Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Poland and we will do it again now supporting our new album “Side”, as we will be coming to UK supporting Tim Ripper Owens on the last five dates of his tour. We will come to Edimburgh, Newcastle, Pentre,Grimsby and London. Inghilterra

Are you working on any music videos, might it be videoclip or lyric video?

We are currently working on our first music video, and it will be a Videoclip! Of course it will concern the concept of our new album, but we cannot say anything more now, as it is still in progress !

Rapid fire section. Just for fun. So just chill, and just type the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear:
* Time – Pink Floyd
* Beatles – The First innovators!
* EU – EU? (of course we’re sarcastic)
* Rolling Stone – Gossip ( at least for the Italian version)
* MTV – Once one of the best TV channels ever existed, now total garbage.

Thanks a lot for your time! It’s really nice to know more about you. Would you like to say anything to your fans and our readers?

Thank you so much for having us! We would like to thank everyone who supported our band through the years, everyone who will listen our new album “SIDE” with intrest and will come to the shows. We will never forget, the real strenght that carries us on is the passion and support from the people who loves what we do! See you guys on the road!

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